FfH2:Grigori/Cassiel – Chapter 5

Turns 201 – 266

So, the nation of Grigori is now at war. Dark omens have been sighted and we are slowly building up a might army to slay the cruel elves who follow Faeryl Viconia.

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FfH2:Grigori/Cassiel – Chapter 4

 Turns 161 – 200

This is a pretty short entry, as turn 200 seemed like a good place to end a chapter. We start with evidence that I’m really not very good at learning from my mistakes. Must be more careful with my adventurers: Kimble the Quick went off to explore a lair and now has the plague!

I hope it's not contagious

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Sword to the Stars – Episode 1

Sword to the Stars is a game I don’t really know how to play. It’s one of these games I probably shouldn’t of bothered buying. I have enough to do with my free time, and as far as computer games go, I have more than enough to play. But the complete edition was on sale for around £5 and I quite like sci-fi stuff. So I bought it, and played it a little bit. Enough to get a feel for the game and realise what sets it apart from similar games (my brief relatively uniformed impression is that its a stripped down 4x game desigend for multiplayer). I then got a bit bored and couldn’t be bothered learning more.

A few months later,  and there’s some buzz about the upcoming Sword of the Stars 2, and I thought I should make another attempt to give the first game a proper play. And, the best way to do that surely is to plunge into the deep end in a multiplayer game. So that’s what I’ve done.

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FfH2:Grigori/Cassiel – Chapter 3

 Turns 112 – 160

Coming up in this episode…. the destruction of the goblin camp the tragic death of Needles. Also, I hold up a mirror to today’s society and consider national financial collapse. But first, here’s a map:

The world, as I know it

So there are three things going on. I’m continuing to explore in the south, preparing a new city spot that will act as a good defensive bottleneck, and building up a force to take out the goblins in the north, which will free up land for continued expansion. Sadly, I only manage to achieve two of those things, as the scouts in the south make the mistake of disturbing some hungry polar bears. So much for that then

Without an upper class English public school education, the scouts stand no chance against the polar bears.

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FfH2:Grigori/Cassiel – Chapter 2

Turns 38 – 111

I currently have two goals. a) Found a second city near Midgar. This is pretty important as specialisation is even more important in FfH2 than in regular CivIV. Not that I can build much at the moment, but I’m thinking ahead. Also, b) I want to take out the goblin lair to the North. As if I don’t, I’ll be faced with a continuing stream of goblins.

While I’m working towards these goals, another volcano erupts. To the left of my city, you can see some of the lizardmen (barbarian scouts) that have been harassing my lands. They’re not too tough, but again, they’re a nuisance. I should probably keep some scouts posted up to the North to keep an eye on the lairs there.

I'm starting to get the impression that I didn't pick the safest spot for my capital city.

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FfH2:Grigori/Cassiel – Chapter 1


Turns 1- 37

Fall from Heaven 2 is a huge and wonderful mod for Civilization IV. If you haven’t played it, and you like strategy games, and fantasy in particular, you should really give it a go. As you probably already own CivIV:BtS, so it’ll cost you nothing but some time. The mod is huge and very detailed. It’s so big in fact, that it manages to make vanilla CivIV:BtS look pretty simplistic. Yet, it also manages to avoid feeling bloated, which is quite an achievement.

Despite all this praise I’m giving the game, I haven’t actually ever managed to complete it. My attention wanders, or I start losing, or I leave the game a few weeks, and then can’t remember what I was doing when I return. So, I thought I’d do an AAR to record my efforts in trying to finish a game.

If you’re interested in giving the mod a shot, I suggest you do what I did, and download the handy new player guide. The guide recommends chosing the Grigori civilisation, lead by Cassiel, for your first game, so that’s what I’m going to do.

Agares the angel of hope fell from heaven for lust of power. Cassiel, leader of the Grigori, fell from contempt of it. The races of Erebus are divine enough to choose their own fate, and any intervention in it by the so-called gods is too much for him. In his lands he shelters refugees from the ideological wars that mark the Age of Rebirth, as well the Luonnotar, a reclusive sect strangely immune to the powers of sorcerer and shaman alike. Cassiel has wagered more than mortals could dream of on his stand for human determinism, and so neither force nor persuasion will bring him to side fully with the agenda of any god or religion. Will his followers have the courage to defend this new vision for Erebus?

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