FfH2:Grigori/Cassiel – Chapter 2

Turns 38 – 111

I currently have two goals. a) Found a second city near Midgar. This is pretty important as specialisation is even more important in FfH2 than in regular CivIV. Not that I can build much at the moment, but I’m thinking ahead. Also, b) I want to take out the goblin lair to the North. As if I don’t, I’ll be faced with a continuing stream of goblins.

While I’m working towards these goals, another volcano erupts. To the left of my city, you can see some of the lizardmen (barbarian scouts) that have been harassing my lands. They’re not too tough, but again, they’re a nuisance. I should probably keep some scouts posted up to the North to keep an eye on the lairs there.

I'm starting to get the impression that I didn't pick the safest spot for my capital city.

Around turn 55 I found my second city, securing the nearby mana resource:

The founding of Junon.

You can see that the lands East of Midgar are still ablaze thanks to that volcano. Midgar now sets to work building some more warriors to defend against the goblin and lizardmen raiders, while the fledgling settlement of Junon starts work on a palisade. Although they only grant a measly +10% city defense, hopefully that will be enough to halt any marauding goblins, lizardmen, lions, griffins or evil elves.

I send some of my newly recruited warriors North-West to investigate a near-by lair.

What evils lurk in this forsaken place?

Something in the lair corrupts the minds of my scouts, anda vision of a red sword hanging in the air causes them to become enraged (+1 Movement, +20% Strength, controlled by AI, removed after combat). Well, it could have been a lot worse. The warriors promptly run towards the closest lizardmen and kill them, luckily coming to their sense before trying to engage a gigantic scorpion.

Another dungeon to the West of my warriors

Turn 69, and I order my wise men to get working on Archery. The now calmed warriors investigate another dungeon and discover a basked of apples. Obviously the vision of the red sword is still clouding their judgements, as they eat the apples and end up transformed and mutated. Perhaps luckily though, some nearby lizardmen swiftly put the warriors out of their misery.

The warriors adventure north of Midgar comes to an end.

Meanwhile,  back at Midgar, the lizardmen and goblins are growing braver with every passing turn. And even some orcs have started to show up.

Not in my backyard

Luckily, cometh the hour, cometh the man. Or something like that. A new adventurer, Kimble the Quick, makes himself known to me, and I finally have enough money to upgrade Needles into a warrior. Which isn’t that impressive, except for the fact that he’s been training hard these past few years into a lean mean greenskin killing machine with six promotions. (The other two promotion symbols you can see in the picture below are the items he’s carrying: the healing salve and scorched staff. In hindsight, I probably don’t want him to be carrying these as Needles has no skill at magic, and the healing salve is probably best saved)

unfortunately, the mighty Needles is obscured by a tree.

Now that I have enough troops to guard my two settlements I set about recruiting some more scouts:  my initial two scout units have been eaten by unsavoury creatures. Scouts are slightly more useful in FfH2 than vanilla CivIV. The bonus they get from Tribal villages is nice, they are able to spot hidden animals such as giant spiders, and they get a healthy +50% vs Animals which means they’ll probably survive out in the wild longer than warriors.

There are many reasons young men chose to risk their life exploring unknown lands. Some do it to prove their loyalty or prowess. Some are outlaws, serving penance for crimes. Many do it simply to satisfy a craving for adventure. It is a dangerous life, and few return from the wilderness, but the rewards are rich for the few who come back alive. Scouts who do return carry tales and bounty from the lost ruins of ancient cities, or the souvenirs of slain beasts, or knowledge of new land ripe for colonization. In exchange, they are lavished with gifts; women, land, titles, money, pardon for crimes committed. Some of the greatest noble families of the Fourth Age are the descendants of these early explorers.

The south of my Empire. The new scouts can be seen in the west.

Just south of Junon is very narrow pass, with mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. It would probably be a good idea to build a castle or settlement here to guard the heartland of my empire from any attack from the south. And as my southern neighbour is an evil elven Queen, I probably have good reason to be cautious.

Turn 69, and I am presented with the option of chosing a new trait for myself: it’s one of the perks of Cassiel having the adaptive trait. As I’m hoping to build some new settlements in the not to distant future, expansive seems like a good choice. Sadly though, it will be a while until I can expand into the north, as the goblin lair is heavily defended and even the mighty Needles has little chance of clearing them out. I’ll need a bigger army.

Combat odds: 2.4% chance of success.

So Needles retreats, for now. Anyway, he’s picked up the Bounty Hunder promotion (+2 gold with every kill) and it’s not like there is a shortage of goblins to kill out in the wild. And, with good timing my wise men inform me that after years of research we have finally discovered the secret of archery. Which means I can build archers. Well, not quite: in FfH2 you generally have to build a prerequisite building for new unit types. So if I want archers, I’ll first be needing me an Archery Range.

Here's hoping a host of archers will see off that goblin settlement

Down in the south, my new scouts have been exploring a lush tropical jungle. Somehow they manage to avoid roaming orcs and make their way through the ruins of a forgotten dungeon, and gain a blessing from spirits.

Friendly ghosts!

Back home, my military leaders are raising morale and preparing for an assault against the goblins. A new hero of the people emerges from the training games and gains the hero trait.

Ending this chapter on a high note


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