FfH2:Grigori/Cassiel – Chapter 3

 Turns 112 – 160

Coming up in this episode…. the destruction of the goblin camp the tragic death of Needles. Also, I hold up a mirror to today’s society and consider national financial collapse. But first, here’s a map:

The world, as I know it

So there are three things going on. I’m continuing to explore in the south, preparing a new city spot that will act as a good defensive bottleneck, and building up a force to take out the goblins in the north, which will free up land for continued expansion. Sadly, I only manage to achieve two of those things, as the scouts in the south make the mistake of disturbing some hungry polar bears. So much for that then

Without an upper class English public school education, the scouts stand no chance against the polar bears.

Well, onto part two of my plan. This goes slightly better thanks to the new anonymous Hero of the People. Gaining +1exp per turn means he quickly becomes the perfect man to guard the south of my empire. One of my favourite parts of Fall from Heaven 2 is the huge list of promotions that are available. The makes of the mod noticed the potential in the system in the vanilla game and ran with it. It gives the game that levelling up RPG mechanic, while avoiding fiddley systems.

the Keeper of the Southern Pass

So my anonymous hero has +40% strength for being on a hill, and +100% strength for being fortified. Hopefully that should be enough to look after my new city of Kalm, at least for the time being.

The founding of the third settlement.

Back at Midgar, our scholars have relearnt some of the ancient chants. This means that I can build monuments (which give the same culture benefit as in CivIV:BTS). This is important as Junon isn’t growing very quickly and could do with an expanded city radius. Also the construction of the local archery range have been finished. Which means I can now build archers.

A bow is a simple, yet effective, weapon, and, with a bit of training, an archer can become a serious hazard to those of an unfriendly disposition. Because of the need of specialized weaponry and some rudimentary training, most archer companies form part of semi-professional militias under the command of lords, guilds or cities. By their very nature, archers do their best work on the defensive, hiding under cover until the opportune time, then unleashing a hellish fury of whistling shafts on the heads of their assailants. Few things cripple an attack better than volley upon volley of random and uncaring death.

Sadly, they turn out to be slightly less useful than I anticipated, as their strength is equal to that of my warriors. Still, they get some defensive perks which I’m sure will be helpful sooner or later.

Probably sooner as Erberus is not a safe place to live. No, it’s a very dangerous place, and even the most dashing of adventurers can meet their end if they mess up an encounter with a giant scorpion. Poor Needles, he will be missed.

The tragic death of Needles. The battle was epic and, oh, he nearly won. But sadly, this was his last day and it was up to his retainers to finish the job and slay the monstrous beast.

Luckily the Keeper of the South is proving to be more valiant, killing the steady stream of greenskins who dare to attack Kalm. And in the north, Kimble the Quick leads my army up to the goblin lair and successfully destroys it. Sure, he loses some warriors, but it’s a small price to pay.

Needles who? It's all about Kimble now

Sadly, despite this glorious victory things at home are not so rosy. In particular, Midgar is an overcrowed cease-pit full of miserable people (not doubt they are still mourning Needles’s tragic death). At the other end of the spectrum, the people of Junon are content etching out a futile existence on the western shore, with the city stuck at size 3. Kalm is doing a little better isn’t contributing much to my economy. Which all together means I have little money, and little research. Luckily I have a solution to this problem. Ale.

Alcohol is the answer

So there’s another reason why Fall from Heaven 2 is better than Beyond the Sword. 🙂 I also finally discover the secret of eduction, which in FfH2 grants the ability to build villages which will help generate some much-needed trade, and opens up the apprenticeship civic.

The apprenticeship civic grants +2exp to all new military units, but means that new units will take 10% longer to train

And here ends this third chapter in the saga of the Grigori. Here’s hoping that the future will bring more happiness, wealth and excitement.  Here’s hoping that my society of drunken students manage to create an economy with which to fund an army for some ill-advised military adventures.


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