FfH2:Grigori/Cassiel – Chapter 4

 Turns 161 – 200

This is a pretty short entry, as turn 200 seemed like a good place to end a chapter. We start with evidence that I’m really not very good at learning from my mistakes. Must be more careful with my adventurers: Kimble the Quick went off to explore a lair and now has the plague!

I hope it's not contagious

Now that the goblin lair has been cleared out, I’m free to settle the lands to the north. Excitingly, this means I now have access to elephants. And while I don’t know for sure, I wouldn’t be surprised if elephant riders turn out to be all kinds of great in FfH2.

The founding of Edge

Everything feels like it’s going, well, fairly well. Especially as I have discovered bronze working and can now build Training Yards in my cities which allow the training of axemen. With str 4 and +10% city attack they’re my first offensive unit. What’s more, access to copper isn’t a prerequisite for them. Instead, having copper means I can equip them with bronze weapons which adds +1str. Sadly I have no copper at the moment, but never mind.

Axes have been used since time immemorial, and not just as tools. When the Gods taught mankind the secret of metal working, the noble art of murdering thy neighbour took a giant leap forward. The battle-axe, preferred weapon of the Dwarves, is a fearsome weapon also in human hands, cleaving flesh and bone with horrific and very final results. Metal battle-axes are expensive and difficult to make, and so they are reserved for the privileged few that make up the professional warrior class, often the personal body-guards of the nobility. These professional warriors are often hardened veterans of countless vendettas and clan wars, which gives them a serious edge in a fight. Frequently ruthless and not very prone to showing mercy, they have been known to completely eradicate less experienced units. Axemen who have fallen into disfavour or been banished often join the ranks of the Barbarian tribes as elite raiders and personal armies of Barbarian chieftains. These coolly efficient killers are often even more terrifying than the disordered warriors that make up the rank-and-file

Bronze Working also opens up the Agrarianism civic which increases the amount of food produced by my farms, at the cost of some production.  The news of my glorious little Empire is spreading and a adventurer named Melusine turns up and pledges himself to my cause. And apart from the odd minor disturbance, life seems pretty good.

I guess having a neutral alignment means I don't have to feel guilty about burning innocent women at the stake.

Cassiel‘s adaptive trait swings into action again and allows me to chance my optional trait. Giving the financial problems I was having earlier, Financial seems like a good bet. Especially as I’m about to discover Festivals which will allow me to build markets.

Early markets were little more than a place for trappers and farmers to trade goods. They boost the city’s gold output, but reduce the research rate as the citizens pursue financial goals instead of longer-term efforts

So, unlike vanilla civ, there’s a small trade-off involved with markets: +3 gold, but -1 science and +10% crime rate. Still, given the open land available to me, the positives outweigh the negatives, and the Financial trait lets me build the markets twice as fast as normal.

However, things never stay calm on Erberus for long, as my scouts have discovered another civilisation: a race of dwarves who live under the open sky.

Garrim Gye of the Luchuirp

Importantly, they have a good alignment which means they’ll act as a counter balance to the Svartalfar. Even better than that, they’re already at war with the elves. Hopefully, I will be able to play one of against the other in typical neutral alignment style.

Unsurprisingly just a couple of turns later they ask me to join in a war against the elves, and after a little bit of thinking I decide that, yes, I will. Trying to stay friends with both sides is unlikely to help, and the Svartalfar are a lot closer to me than the Luchuirp. In fact, they’ve expanded to within spitting distance of Kalm. So, I switch civics from Pacifism to Nationhood and prepare for war.


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