FfH2:Grigori/Cassiel – Chapter 5

Turns 201 – 266

So, the nation of Grigori is now at war. Dark omens have been sighted and we are slowly building up a might army to slay the cruel elves who follow Faeryl Viconia.

Here’s a nice big map of what I know of the world

My Map. Turn 200

Happily, the wave of nationalism washes through Junon and the communual monuments become more important. And with the newly discovered skills in sailing, the men set to sea in order to secure new food supplies. With the constuction of a lighthouse, Junon finally starts frowing again.

We will not worship these spiteful gods

The advenutrer Melusine makes his way down to Kalm, picks up an axe and pledges himself to the waar effort. My hope is that the two heros I have down here will be enough to spearhead an attack.

Careful with that axe Melusine

Sadly, this proves to be overly optmistic as Svartalfar has a pretty powerful army and the elves are well suited to the dense forest and jungle that lies between our cities. There’s going to be no quick resolution to this conflict.

I am going to need a bigger army

So while the core of my empire work on producing more and more axemen and archers, our wisemen discover the secrets of hunting, horseback riding, constuction and cartography:

A map is a nothing more than a drawing on a piece of parchment. Yet, at the same time, it is the whole world in the palm of your hand. Maps are powerful tools and dangerous weapons. Do not underestimate them, and always make sure your maps are better than those of the enemy.–Kriss Bechaal, Knight Commander of the Bannor

which unlocks the City State civic. While it has culture and war weariness penalties, I’m hoping the decrease in maintanence costs will help pay for my army, and maybe a new city to the north-west. Hunting allows me to build a hunting lodge (for training hunters and hawks), and the people in Edge set about constucting one. Around about this time, a new adventerour, Sidhelle, turns up. I decide that I should send him north and have him become a hunter. There’s still unknown lands in the north-east to explore.

Sadly as far as the horseback riding goes, I have no horses, and it turns out that while elephant riders do exist in the game, they don’t work in the same way as vanilla CivIV. Construction on the otherhand, has far more short term use. As soon as I can get a seige workshop built I’ll be creating catapults as fast as possible.


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