FfH2:Grigori/Cassiel – Chapter 6

 Turns 267 – 294

The cold war against the cold elves continues in the south. My armies of axemen led by Melusine are enough to keep the Svartalfar from taking any land but the treacheraous forests outside of my borders have sided with the elves and my men dare not enter. Damn their Fellowship of Leaves! My allies, the Luchuirp, are feeling the brunt of Faeryl Viconia’s attack , while my northern provinices are being hit hard be oppertunistic greenskin raiders. There is light at the end of every tunnel however: in the west the ship from Junon havehopefully found an ally for my cause: the Sidar.



Shades, men who have traded portions of their soul for immortality, the Grey are detached from the events of the world. Only intervening to protect themselves or striking out to destroy undead (they see undead as aberrations despite their own use of magic to extend their life), they are happy to keep to their hidden cities, out of the eyes, and the wars, of the younger races.

Well, maybe less of an ally, but at least he’s keen to trade knowledge with me, which allow me to start researching knowledge of the ether. I will see those elves burn. Heading further into the west, my ship also discovers the Amurites:

The Amurites have no ancient history, no glorious empire in the Age of Magic to harken back to or trace their lineage from. In terms of civilizations, the Amurites are newcomers on the world stage. Nevertheless, they are a force to be reckoned with, feared by some, and respected by all. Part of that respect stems from the tremendous magical power the Amurite armies command, but no small part of it stems from the incredible story of their genesis.

Another friend

Back on the southern front, with my catapults in position, Melosine leads the troops in an attack on Aeleriss’ Pits, a small, lightly defended, Svartalfarian settlement south of Kalm.

The first victory of the war

Melosine's Charge

Aeleriss’ Pits is now mine, and thanks to the catapults’ ability to withdraw, I suffered minimal loses. The main army now heads back up to Kalm leaving two archers to defend Grigori’s new settlement. More encouraging news comes in, this time from the wise men in my capital. We know have Knowledge of the Ether.

I’m telling you, this is the opportunity we’ve been seeking for decades! Soon, we will be able to escape the boundaries of the material world. Don’t you see? There is power there, power beyond your dreams, and that power could be ours, if we were but willing to take the smallest of risks. Surely the council can approve of my proposition?

–Arean Sethrail, Mage Elder

The constuction of a Mage Guild is ordered in Midgar, which will allow me to train adepts (tier one spellcasters). I also manage to exchange code of laws for knowledge of philosphy with Sandalphon.

A few turns later Svartalfar make a counter attack, throwing a stack of units at the two archers fortified in Aeleriss’ Pits. On a hill. And while the town is eventually taken, a lot of elven blood is spilled. Meaning fewer units to hide in those dark forests. A few turns later and the city of Brakkah (to the east of Kalm) is mine. Again, my casualties are low, and I net myself over 200 gold in the process.

I knew catapults would be a good idea.

The war effort is know going pretty well. I’m hoping to have the first wave of adepts ready soon, and I’ve also discovered alteration:

There are some ways to tell the difference between a real sheep and one that has been polymorphed from a man. The latter will show greater fear and curiosity. It will not seek out its own kind. But they both taste the same.

-Gaylin Wayforth, mage and amateur chef

In the north, I have a smaller army gearing up to take some barbaian settlements that have sprung up. However, despite the recent military successes, there are dark rumours circulating:

I'm hoping I can ignore this message. And delete the image and all reference to it at a later date

To end with, here’s a map of the world. My long term plan is to destroy the Svartalfar. Partly cause they’re winning, but mainly because the scores in the bottom right hand corner of the screen suggest they are winning the game. My secondary objective is to settle and civilise the rest of the wilderness to the notheast and northwest. Hunting barbarians will hopefully be a good way to get my newly recruited adepts some experience of life outside of the mage’s guild.

A bird's eye view of the world.


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