FfH2:Grigori/Cassiel – Chapter 8

Turns 376 – 400

The war has slid into a stalemate. I’ve lost the two cities I captured, and the mighty Melsine has been slain. But Kalm still stands defiant. If slightly empty. One spark of light in this darkening world: a great general has appeared! I decide to use his recruit ability to bulk out my southern defenses. One of the units I gain turns out to be an assassin….

A great general

Assassins make use of such an elegant and interesting game mechanic that I can’t believe that something similar wasn’t in any of the official CivIV expansions. Maybe it was and I’ve forgotten. Anyway, when you attack a stack with an assassin, rather than fighting the strongest unit in the stack, you fight the weakest. Which means I can now start some of the tree hugging elves who’re laying seige to Kalm. In particular, their spellcasters

Overall, I don’t think I’m doing too well. Although given I’m pretty new to the mod, and as you can probably tell, it’s a pretty huge mod, I don’t think I’m doing that badly. My biggest mistake is that I’ve been pretty careless with my adventurers. Given that they’re the Grigori’s main perk, I should have kept them safer. Secondly, I’ve not been very focused in terms of technology. Probably because the tech  tree is massive and I don’t know my way around. It’s also a little more branched than CivIV, and specialising is probably a fairly good idea. Whereas I’ve picked up techs from here, there and everywhere. Taming polar bears with my hunter was fun. But it would have been more useful in the early game. I think I missed a trick with that. Likewise, the magic is fun, but it doesn’t seem to be too effective at the moment. Maybe cause my army was wiped out and buff spells aren’t that useful if you have nobody to cast them on. Although, at least some of my adepts have levelled up to enough to promote to mages. (You can’t recruit mages directly, instead you have to promote level 4 adepts).

As such, I’ve decided to research a couple of more “traditional” technologies (iron working and engineering) and hope that I can build up an economy and eventually out tech the Svartalfar.

I’ll have to try to remember this in my next game. Anyway, back to the war… the assassin is really proving useful, picking up a huge number of promotions and almost single-handedly driving the elves away from Kalm.


Although the constant slaughter is clearly causing him to be noticed. As Aeron’s Chosen, he now gains +2 unholy combat and +20% health after combat. Which is a nice perk 🙂 Sadly though, I’m still nowhere near the point at which i can launch another assault on Fearyl Viconia. Luckily, there’s plenty of land in the north for me to settle, and there are a few untapped mana crystals I can claim: starting with the a new settlement northeast of Midgar and south of Myrean.

Welcome to Corel: population 17

And in foreign affairs, there’s a new civ on the block. Literally. The Mercurians, led by the angle Basium. It looks like Kandros Fir has built a certain wonder which summons Basium and creates a new civilization. Luckily for me, I allies with both of them.

Not your everyday angle of light. The music for this guy is suitably epic.

Basium broke the Compact. He was an angel under Arawn, but when the Compact was signed, he refused to give up the direct battle with the demons. He and a small host of other rebel angels disobeyed their lords and kept fighting. They spend their time split between time on creation and in Hell waging their war directly. They can be found anywhere demons exist. They care little for people, they are only concerned with killing demons, and are often confused with demons because of their single-mindedness and their rough warlike appearance.

On the southern front, it looks like my investment in iron working has paid off as I now have a couple of units of dragon slayers. And although there are no dragons around, they’re managing to fill their time killing the odd elf. unfortunately though, just as I’m getting a good economy going, the worsening state of the world inflicts a blight on all living things.

… and thus the first sign of the oncoming darkness shall come to the mortal realm; crops shall be destroyed by withering sickness, leaving only barren fields of desolation to meet the eyes of hungry children. Animals shall perish as plague and disease rages rampantly throughout every pasture, and sho shall the desperate mortals trying to feed off their meet… Many shall die during this first time of hardship, yet those who survive will live to become envious of the dead…

Hardly a positive message is it. All my units take a health hit and all my cities are now starving.


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