Sword to the Stars – Episode 2

Welcome back. Here’s the second chapter in the history of my inter-galatic space empire.

Session 3 – Turns 21 – 26

Here’s the current state of play. I have 4 brave colonies, along with my home world:

Space is big... really big

Basically, more of the same. Brave scouts continue to be sent off in all directions, followed by colony ships. Start a brave new life on the frontier! I’m up to six colonies now. Life is good for the fledging Tarkii Empire. The people are happy and relish news of out continued advancement.You could almost say it was a golden age.

The bust after the boom

Ahhh. Oops. Looking back, I maybe shouldn’t have colonised that  last rock. You see the pie chart below? It is meant to be all yellow indicating that I’m spending loads on RnD for later in the game. (At least, that’s what playing lots of CivIV lots has taught me) Well, that pie chart has turned a different colour.

I dont' like the look of that light blue segment.

Ah. That’s not exactly ideal. I should probably stop colonising anything (everything?) and wait for my current planetary development costs to reduce. That would be wise.

Session 4 – Turns 27 – 46

Well, turns out my the Galatic Development Office is staffed by a phonebox of over zealous idiots and my Empire continues to expand, while my economy continues to collapse.

Lets just hope that being large has advantages over being rich

I take drastic action and abandon a colony. Although even that does little to prevent the rot. I guess I’ve not learnt something about this game: don’t over expand and settle too many marginal planets.

This kind of sums up the main problem I'm facing right now

With a heavy heart, I decide to abandon another planet, hopefully that’ll help my finances. It can’t be too long til some more of my colonies start turning a profit. And I fear I’m about to face problems above and beyond raw economics.

First Contact (with another player)

The Tarkas meet the space fish

Luckily, the light blue player is Sorbicol aka Dominion of Tyne. Who’s playing as the Liir and has problems of his own. So as long as he doesn’t realise how weak I am, I think I’ll be fine for the time being. By which point, maybe I’ll have a navy and I can grab some of his ruined Empire.

Sadly, running into the Liir wasn’t the most exciting event to happen. My homeworld has had a visitor. Turns out that there are far nastier things out there in the galaxy than Helio’s Humans.

In space, no one can hear the billions scream

Ok, on some counts I’m lucky. My home planet still exists. But some weird alien named the Herald has turned up and insulted me and now my homeworld is suffering from a planet wide collapse of morale. Which isn’t good. How do I increase morale? With money apparently. It’s a shame I have no money. Capturing new planets also increases morale. But, again. I’m in no position to do such a thing. I think I’ll ignore the problem for the time being.

So, here’s another overview of my Empire.

Turn 33... dark blue is my Empire, light blue is what I know of the Liir, and the grey is an Independent Colony.

The red dots mark recent combats (mainly encounters with ancient alien artefacts, space bugs etc). My current goal is to sort out my economy and build up a home defense fleet. Looking beyond that would be somewhat pointless, but as I like making plans, I think aiming to take that nice independent world.

Sadly though, I am hopeless at sticking to plans. Just before I initiated the project “abandon some colonies and start saving some money” I sent a fleet towards L724, a small planet with a nice climate. Now that the fleet has finally arrived in orbit, I might as well colonise the planet right? This act of foolishness does little to cheer the staving masses back on my home world and morale plummets to 33. Which sounds quite low.

I do get some good news though, one of my colonies, Alpha Centauri in fact, has started turning a profit. Maybe I can climb out this whole after all.

Although, I get some more bad news. The Morrigi, played by Karandraz, have turned up.

An alien scout

And, this game seems to really enjoy kicking me when I’m down, broke and unhappy. As now some Von Neumann machines turn up and take out one of my (all to rare) fleets.

Von Neumann machines show up and destroy my line of defense.

My poor guys didn’t stand a chance. Oh well. Lets hope the next 50 turns brings greater prosperity.


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