FfH2:Grigori/Cassiel – Chapter 11

Turns 521 – 578

Probably the biggest weakness of the Fall from Heaven 2 mod is that it can be pretty slow towards the end of the game. Vastly increasing the number of units and buildings adds a fair amount of computational complexity to the game. And this is me only playing on a medium map. Still, it’s worth it I think 🙂

So the current state of the game is that I’ve managed to conquer Aeleris’s Pits for the second time. The elves aren’t happy about that at all, but they currently have nothing that can stop my shadows from picking off multiple units per turn. These guys are now like your typical late game RPG characters… wandering across the map killing anything and everything that gets in their way. Although Faeryl Viconia is still able to put up a fight as she has a good number of assassins herself, and my adepts and mages are very obvious targets. Luckily, I can summon new undead units each turn to soak up the majority of these attacks.

Skeleton v Assassin

Oh, and she also has access to knights which is a little worrying. I think one of the reasons that I struggled early on in this game is that I had no access to horses.

My current war plan is to build up the defenses at Aeleris’s Pits and then destroy Geffren (just to the west of me) and capture Kalocly (an isolated Svartalfar city in the west).

While waiting for an army to move into position, I discover Strength of Will, which grants me access to archmages (and hence, more powerful undead summons)

There are people who argue that, in order to truly be in control, you need to be able and willing to make the transition from thought to action. As you soon will learn, those ignorant fools have no idea what can be achieved with sufficiently focused thought.

–Gaelan Sedracious, Mage Elder

My shadows make short work of the city guard.

It looks like my recent success are being noticed too:

So Polly really does live in a fantasy world...

Needless to say, Geffron doesn’t last long and is quickly reduced to rubble. Next up, Kalocly.

It's nice to finally be making progress.

My regular troops are still having difficulty moving through the elven forest. I’m hoping that my recent discovering of blasting powder should put my army on an equal footing against the elves. For the time being, I’m having to depend completely on a adepts and skeletons, both if which are rubbish in combat, and I’m only getting anywhere thanks to my shadows. Each one is a one man army.

Another city for the Grigori Empire

Ah, great timing, my first gunpowder troops have finished their training.

The secret of Gunpowder is Dwarven. They use it for traps and blasting paths through the uncooperative rock. It took many years for humans to coax the secret from the Sons of the Earth, but once it was done, it did not take long to put the secret to use as a weapon. Though heavy, inaccurate and woefully slow to reload, the Arquebusiers have two enormous advantages: shock and power. Arquebusiers can brush aside city walls as if they were made of paper.

I'm getting a good feeling about this war. Bang.


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