FfH2:Grigori/Cassiel – Chapter 12

As a short break from telling you about how my war against the elves is going, here’s a screenshot of an angelic warrior I found on an island. I’m glad I’m not at war with these guys, as they look quite mean.

Lets try and not wind him up.

For some reason, this whole game seems to have been pretty one-dimensional, at least from my perspective. I’ve been at war with the Svartalfar nearly the whole game, and basically ignoring the rest of the world. Oh well, at least I’m not losing any cities. Talking of losing cities… Brakkah is no more.

Welcome to Brakkah. a lovely size 17 elven city. Well, it used to be

Oh, and while I’ve been taking elven cities, I’ve also been hard at work researching stuff, and I can now upgrade experiences mages to archmages. Which means i can access necromancy III. Which means I can now summon wraiths.

I get the feeling that the balance of power is now well and truely in my favour.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The saying springs to mind quickly when considering the vaguely disturbing figure that is the Archmage. Even among the fortunate few laypersons they deign to interact with, it is hard to avoid a creeping feeling of fear mingled with awe. Archmages have reached the point where their magical prowess is so great the mere threat of their magic is enough to keep possible competitors and enemies in line. As such, many are satisfied to spend their time on more theoretical and scholarly pursuits. Be not fooled by these seemingly placid activities: Foolish people who move them to anger quickly regret it. Because of the enormous amount of work involved in getting to the apex of wizardry, Archmages are a select elite within each civilization. Most practitioners of magic are satisfied with being the less specialized mages.

The only downside is that I can only create archmages by upgrading level 6 mages. And there’s a hard limit of 3 archmages per nation. However, there is a workaround… I can cast lichdom on my archmages to turn them into lichs. And there’s no limit on how many lichs I’m allowed.

Father Jeon joins the ranks of the undead.

Oh, and here’s an interesting unit… I bet this would have been useful 100 turns or so ago…  the Grigori‘s special units, a medic.

The Empire of the Grigori began to thrive, as men from all corners of Erebus, tired of being used as pawns by the Gods, sought a way to determine their own destiny. Whether carried by this wave of immigration, or inflicted upon them by the Gods as divine retribution, the Grigori began to suffer from diseases for which they knew no cure. Cassiel had the power to cure these ailments, and could even confer that power to others, however, he was also shrewd enough to realize that this would put him in the position of acting as a God himself, and all that he had been fighting for would be lost. Instead, Cassiel summoned the best herbalists and natural healers in the Kingdom, and formed the Ordine Medicos. Members of the Ordine Medicos travel throughout Erebus, seeking natural remedies to the ailments that inflict the Grigori, and are widely known for their ability to cure disease without divine intervention. Although quite often found travelling with Grigori military units, the Ordine Medicos take a vow of non-agression, and will only fight to defend themselves, and those in their care.

This guy starts with the medic I, II, and III promotions.

The more I play of this game, the more I learn and look forward to a second game, where I know the tech tree a little better. Being able to heal my army while it’s on the move is a great help and speeds up my assault on Faeryl Viconnia‘s cities. Idris is swiftly taken and razed to the ground. However, each time I raise a city, the armageddon counter increases (I’ve avoided talking about this too much, but to put it simply: the higher the counter gets, the worse life gets). So, as penance for killing hundreds of (probably not so) innocent elves, one of the horsemen of the apocalypse has been sent down to my empire.

… as the people remain blind to the imminent threat to their world despite previous signs, four harbingers of destruction shall arrive, riding dread steeds and each keeping the shadow of terror as a constant companion……and the first of the four shall be known as Stephanos, though the terrified mortals in their whispers of dread will name him the Conqueror. He shall claim the lands of mortals as his own, he shall slay the armies of men who attempts to stand against him, and soon all the empires will fall to his unyielding rule…

– Agares’ speech.

Luckily for me, I have a horde of disposable skeletons for throw at him.

So, he’s swiftly dispatched, causing only minimum damage. I get the feeling I was quite lucky though.

On the war front, my undead stack of doom is now in full swing, and another elven city falls. Although, I do lose most my army in the process, as the crossbowmen are a match for my shadows. Still, the sacrifice is worthwhile and I decide to keep the city as it’s in a nice location.

I ain't afraid of no ghost.


With the loss Emoreth, the elves seem pretty much beaten. The only question is whether I can finish the job before the end of the game, as there are now less than 100 turns left.




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