FfH2:Grigori/Cassiel – Chapter 13

Turns 612 – 690

This is the final chapter. And I’ll apologise in advance, it’s probably the least interesting installment of my game. If you’ve played Civ (or similar) games before, you’ll know the end game is usually a let down, especially when you’re not winning. But, a few interesting things happen, I learn a little more about the game, and I kill more elves.

Talking of elves: I have now taken control of the Svartfalarian capital city.

Lichs, wraiths, shadows, and skeletons for the win

I capture a couple more cities before Faeryl Viconnia finally capitulates, ending what has been possibly the longest war I’ve ever had in a Civ game. The Luchuirp, who are still around, also opt to join my empire. As they only had the one city, I guess it was a choice of that, or face certain destruction. I conquered the east of the map.

What to do next?

Oh, well I might as well, go on then...

Question answered. The Sidar lie just to the west of my empire and it can’t imagine it will take me long to deal with them. I send one of my shadows over to have a chat with some druid fellow. Sadly, he doesn’t submit to my rule straight away, so I kill him.

Well, I have a formula that works, so i might as well keep repeating it.

Ok, it’s not quiet as easy as that…. his cities are quite well defended. But still, they eventually fall. And having done Kandros Fir’s dirty work for him, he turns round and declares war on me. Along with Basium and Decius. I guess they’re getting worried that I might somehow snatch a domination victory in the last 50 turns. I can’t see it happening myself. Mainly because, although we’re I’m on the same continent as Kandros Fir, there’s a more or less impassible mountain range splitting the east from the west. And as I’ve spent most the game fighting a war in forests and jungles, I don’t have a navy. And Kandros Fir‘s dwarves do. Which they use to land an invasion force.

Come sail your ships around me, and burn your bridges down. We'll make a little history baby, every time you come around.

So, after spending most the game fighting elves, I’ll be ending the game slaying dwarves. I try building some ships of my own for a counter attack, but there’s no way I’ll be able to build enough to punch a hole through their blockades. I even resort to desperate measures, and send a water walking Lich across the on his own (well, he can summon some wraith and skeletons when he reaches dry land). And although he nearly captures a city, it doesn’t quite work.

If only I had a remove mountain spell. That would be pretty darn useful right about now.

A shame though, as if I had managed to take a city, I could have built some funky auto-teloporting gates and sent my shadows on another mission deep into enemy territory. [However, to be honest, I didn’t know the Nexus Gate existed at this point]. Anyway, going on the offensive is clearly not feasible. So I might as well concentrate on defense. Which is, going to be slightly more interesting than fighting elves. As Kandaros Fir has sent dwarven rhino riders.

You've got to admit, those are some pretty cool dwarves right there.

Ok, I admit it, while the dwaren army is pretty cool (rhino riders, flame throwers, etc), they don’t pose much of a threat. And I wipe them out just as the last turn if the game ends, and Kandros Fir and Basium win a time victory. Boo hiss. Looking over the stats, I wasn’t that far away from winning a domination victory, with 50% of the world’s population and 40% of the land [64% of each needed to win].

The end of the game.

Guybrush Threepwood: the mightiest hero who ever did live.


Ok, so a few things that I did learn 🙂

Firstly, writing an AAR takes quite a lot of time and effort. But it also makes you think about your game a little more, and maybe provides an added incentive to keep going. I, like many people, find it hard to keep going in a long Civ-style game when you know you’re not going to win. But when there’s a narrative there, you’re a little more invested and more likely to define your own goals. So, it’s kinda of rewarding, even if not many people will read this. 🙂

Secondly, CivIV:FfH2 is a massive game. I’m looking forward to playing again, this time armed with some knowledge about how things work. And in particular, how to win: I didn’t get close to building the Towers of Mastery or the Altar of the Luonnotar. Mainly as I quite like discovering stuff myself on my first few play throughs. Also, the tech tree is pretty big and the different paths are a lot more independent than in vanilla Civ. This means specialisation is a lot more important, and especially in the early game, it’s a waste of time researching and building things that you’re not going to actively use.

Finally, I’ve also learnt that it’s really hard to resist loading up auto-saves. I admit, there are a few places in which I “cheated.” But I think it made for a better AAR, and if people are interested (I kid myself that this will actually be read), I might try and iron man style game next.


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    A good read my friend 🙂

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