Sword of the Stars – Episode 3

Welcome back. I’m getting the impression that the initial expansion phase of the game is over and done with. This is of course assuming that the game has an initial expansion phase (as in GalCiv2). Maybe rushing to grab as many colonies isn’t a good tactic. It certainly hasn’t done my finances any good that’s for sure:

At least the graph is heading up now!

Still I’m hopefull I’m over the worst of it, and it’ll be interesting to see things pan out now that the players are coming into contact with each other

And although my finances might be pretty rough, my population is on a pretty strong upwards trend.

And my population is rocketing! With all those Tarkan babies being made, how come my homeworld is so unhappy?

Session 5: Turns 47 – 54

Sadly the galaxy is doing its best to fight back, and a giant alient insect monster shows up:

Giant alien space bug. Eek.

My humble home defense squadron

Have a guess what happened? Yup you guessed right. And sadly, the Tarkan media insist on broadcasting footage of this horrendous event on daytime TV. Will somebody think of the children. Morale back home to drops even further, to a miserable 22%. This isn’t going to end well. This isn’t going to end well at all. What’s more, more and more alient scout ships have been sighted heading towards my Empire:

The yellow player is Tikey

Worryingly, the colony that Tikey is heading towards currently has no defense. Lets hope that Tikey is friendly, or better, that I can get some defense in place before he arrives. Otherwise, I may be in a spot of bother. Sadly, I’m probably in a spot of bother. Tikey is playing the Hivers, who move really really really slowly. But when they finally reach a destination they can build giant jump gates allowing for really really fast travel. So it’s probably a good idea to do my best to deny them a toehold in my Empire.

Session 6: Turns 55 – 63

Well, my finances are recovering nicely now and I’m colonising a few new worlds. Which is probably a good idea given that my homeworld suffering from a fully fledged rebellion. Innocent Tarkas’ are being put to the death. This is not a good state of affairs, especially as Tikey’s Hivers as a second fleet of Tikey’s Hivers are heading my way. I should be building massive armadas with which to defend what should be mine.

Can things get much worse?

At least I manage to fend off the Hiver fleet from one of my colonies.

Be gone with you!

Sadly though, he’s managed to get a gate set up on an uncolonised world in Tarkan space. I try to destroy it with a solitary scoutship, but as expected, this doesn’t work.

I hate these things already.

Still, at least the footage of this onimous sign has focused minds back home, and the rebeillion back home has ended. In total, 100,000,000 lives were lost. If this is what my own people can do to each other, lets hope they can do even better when they have to kill aliens. At least I can start building up some sort of space navy now, as the Tarkan Ministery of Space is currently pretty wimpy and our planets are regularly attacked by Von Neumann machines

The poor guys never had a chance

I think I need some better technology.


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