Developing a Strategy Game 2

So, progress continues. I can now attach playing chits to my planet, and have a rudimentary UI. What’s more, the camera can zoom in and out, scroll east/west/north/south. Although things got a bit funny if you orbit over the poles.

Even more excitingly, you can move chits. Sure, things are a little sluggish and unresponsive, but it’s a form of interaction.


The blue tiles are commanders. They allow you to activate any red (normal) chits that are within range and move them

So, things to do:

  • make the interface more responsive (change click detection from tiles to chits)
  • allow the player to move the commanders (blue chits) and end turnif this happens.
  • add in cities/settlements, so there are now two character types: gov’ners and commanders

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