Sword of the Stars – Episode 4

Previously: I’m broke, my home planet is suffering from a widespread rebellion, I am technologically backwards, and Tikey’s Hivers have found my Empire. So far, he’s just gently fingering me, but it can’t be long until that turns into a massive fist. I’d better start building up a proper Tarkan SpaceNavy.

Session 7: Turns 64 – 68

The Wonderful Tarkan Empire

My Empire is now reasonably stable. I guess I should make an effort to scout out the surrounding gates… it would be a good idea to get a feel for how large my neighbours are, and the location of any Hiver jump gates. Now that I’ve stopped claiming as many new planets as I can get my hands on, my economy is picking up somewhat. Similarly, the number of ships I own is rising steadily. And while they may not be very good ships, hopefully they will be enough to give an impression of strength to any would be crusaders.

If I can get ÂŁ5,000,000 in the bank, I'll gain a much needed morale bonus

At 5 billion, there are less Tarkans in my Empire than there are people on present day Earth. Not so impressive then

Quantity seems to be taking care of itself. If only i had quality.

Apart from watching these numbers change, only two interesting things happen in this session. Firstly, I have to decide what to do about this:


So in the time taken for one of my colonising fleets to cross the void, Sorbicol has claimed the planet for the Liir. Which gives me two options. (a) I can try to take it from him. Or (b) I can let him have it (for now). I’m really not sure what to do here. The planet has a pretty low hazard rating, and I have four destroyers in orbit around it. Sorbicol would probably respond badly to this flavour of diplomacy though. And, I know he has cruisers. He’s been in an arms race against Heliocentric. Which means he currently has his hands full. But it also means that he’s my main buffer against Helio’s humans. And they scare me.

I eventfully decide to let Sorb hold onto Nyotekundu for now. It’s probably in my long term interests. And anyway, I should probably be worrying more about Tikey, who continues to send small fleets towards me borders. In his defense, he probably doesn’t know which planets are mine and which are unclaimed, but the last thing I want is him setting up a jump gate in orbit around one of my colonies.

the yellow peril

Session 8: Turns 69 – 74

Sadly, the great Tarkan Emperor (me) had double booked himself and was busy watching a film with his girlfriend.

Session 9: Turns 75 – 79

And I’m back. Lets hope that the world hasn’t ended in my absence…. nope, looks like everything is ok. Phew. Except that Tikey‘s Hivers. Luckily, I have ships in place. Priority 1: destroy his gateship.

Welcome to Tarka

Sadly, the gateship gets away, but I send a small fleet in pursuit, just to make sure they realise just how happy I am to see them turn up in Tarkan space. There are several other Hiver fleets incoming, although luckily for me, they’re all due to arrive in the same local region, so it shouldn’t be too hard to keep my defences propped up (left of picture below).

Some, err, interesting decision making by the AI

Ok, so while I was absent (previous session) the AI made a load of Massa Lac ships, and sent them to Sol. Upon closer inspection it turns out that these ships are all colonisers. First of all: you can colonise a world with more than one ship? Oh, I really wish I had realised this at the start of the game. Duh. It’s obvious now. Oh well. Secondly: do I really want to re-colonise Sol? After all, it wasn’t that long ago that I ditched the colony as the high hazard rating was crippling my economy. Hmmm. I really have no idea if I should re-colonise the planet or not. It sounds like a bad idea. But then again, surely the AI should be quite good at working out if a planet is worth settling? I’ll leave it a turn or two and see if I come to a decision.

Oh, and note the purple ship in orbit around Alpha Centauri. That’s one of the scouts Heliocentic managed to sneak past Sorbicol‘s fleet. So I send out my welcoming party:

Friendly friendly missiles

And now for the finance news… in recent developments our top investment bankers have discovered the concept of inter-planetary trade. The theory is that by building freighters, we will be able to exploit more of the galaxy’s natural resources and generate high per-capita income. Which means I can show you a new filter on the galactic map 🙂

Lots of happy green squares

They way I understand it is that the green cubes represent galactic regions that are “safe,” and I can build freighters to work these sectors, generating more money. And more money can’t be a bad thing. I seem to have a lot of green cubes, so hopefully I can leverage some profit from them before the Hivers come and destroy my empire.

Next turn, Tikey’s scouting fleets are welcomed. Sadly, they very rudely start making excuses about having to get back home to check on the cat, and leave. So I send some ships to help make sure they don’t, err, get lost.

My two destroyers try intercept Tieky's gateship

The gateship explodes.

Session 10: Turns 80 – 82

Ok,  I can’t resist. I’m resettling Sol. Here’s hoping that my economy is now large enough to pay for such vanity projects.It’s not like anybody has declared war with me, and my ships have increased in quality and quantity and I’m doing any ok job of defending against the various nasties that are turning up (swarms, von Neumann machines etc).

Actually, that’s probably not true. I’m starting to worry about Tikey: he’s being far to friendly. As I’ve teched his language I can now talk to him in game and we’ve reached an agreement: I stop killing his scouting fleets and in return, he’ll stay away from my planets. Of course, I worry that this isn’t in my long term interests. He’s slowly increasing his network of jumpgates, which can only be a bad thing.


2 comments on “Sword of the Stars – Episode 4

  1. Diego Beltrami says:

    “The Yellow peril”.
    That will look extremely well in my presentation card,

  2. karandraz says:

    I enjoyed this muchly! Took me a moment to realise why turn 82 sounded so familiar, as its exactly where Iam up to on my “journey across the stars too”. I like how you and tikey and doing a kind of cold war thing right now 🙂

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