Developing Perontor 3

Ok, so, a quick update for anybody following this…

  • I now have some rough 3d icons for playing pieces
  • There are now 3 types of playing piece: cities, commanders, and (regular) units
  • you can move units and commadders
  • you can build new units and commanders in cities.
  • there’s a rudimentary GUI.

Progress is a wondering thing.

So, things to do in the near future:

  • force players to move new units as soon as they’re built (no stacking).
  • develop a 3rd character class: settle (which allows new cities to be built, duh)
  • develop a 4th character class: scout
  • allow for a world to be saved, and then loaded.
  • decide how multiplayer will be implemented for the time being (net connection, or PBEM/dropbox, or crappy AI).

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