Ele:WoM – The Rebirth of Peashaskas (Chapter 2)

Now thatthe legendary silver flute has been found, it’s time to continue to explore my surrounds and get on with some empire kingdom building. Time to look at the map:

My immediate surroundings

Now, I have to give Ele:WoM some credit: it sure has a pretty map. One of the best things about the game: only CiV’s “Settles of Catan” style map rivals it in my opinion. bug sadly, maps aren’t everything, and so far, the game as hasn’t really grabbed me the way other 4x games do. Nothing has really happened. Still, it looks like that’s about to change, as I’ve just made first contact: Karavox from the Empire of Kraxis.

There's a lot of black on the screen. Does that mean this guy is evil?

Another area in which Ele:WoM comes up short is the lack of lore and background. While Civ benefits from used real world factions (which most people know at least something about), and FfH2 provides extensive backstories in-game, Ele tells me next to nothing:

Kraxis is the land of traitors. Its people are mainly descended from the soldiers who comprised the Great Army of Mankind that marched on the Dread Lord Curgen’s fortress at Imperium. They make their living dealing with the very Fallen who slaughtered their ancestors. The majority are settled in and around the port town of Tanacabra, on the Bay of Capacea.

So, they’re not to be trusted. Fingers crossed they don’t realise that my city is currently only defended by some peasants. I decide that it would be a good idea to send Markinn and the two Annie’s home, athough I can’t resist taking the long way round and exploring the south-east. Doing so nets me a few more abandoned caravans, turning up extra matrials, a staff, and more interestingly: a token of a sand golem. This allows me to, you guessed it, summon a sand golem.

This brings my army up to myself, one golem and two dogs. Plus some peasants guarding Uhaniale. I’ve also trained some pionners to build a second city, and my tech and magic research is underway. And Markinn has bumped into a wandering character:

I wonder what he was doing wandering around in the wilderness?

It seems like a no-brainer descision: luckily for me, I have more than enough money as Markinn’s just sold off all the crap treasure that he unearthed on his adventure. (The silver flute along netted me 100 gilder.) Furthermore, it’s pretty good timing as I’m just about to found my second settlement and the +10% production that Highsley provides will help get it off the ground a little faster. So welcome aboard Mr Bannon Highsley, and welcome to the fledging town of Raxtidille (population 2). I decide to give Highsley  one of the two Annies to help him defend the settlement.

As my kingdom grows, I start to generate more research. On the technology side, I’m yet to discover anything exciting enough to mention. Actually, it’s the same story with the arcane arts. I’ve only learnt one new spell (summon familiar) , which seems of limited use as I already have a pet dog and sand golem. But hey, it might come in handy. Also, Uhaniale has levelled up (cities level up in this game) twice now. The first time, I decided to give it a tech research perk (my plan is that Raxtidille will eventually specialise in magic research). For Uhaniale‘s second level up, I decide to go with a cautious option and summon a guardian. it turns out I get this fellow:

A really big spider

OK, not what I was expecting, but i guess I’ll be thankful of her if the evil Empires come knocking. Although, a corpse spider hardly sounds like the sort of noble animal that would be defending the good guys capital. It was Sauron in LotR who had the evil giant spider queen, while the elves had eagles. Oh well, better not be judgemental. Especially as I’ve just made contact with the Magner.

He looks like just the sort of evil lord who would have corpse spiders guarding his cities.

This is making me a little paranoid, as I still don’t have anything approaching a standing army, and I’m guessing my arcane arrow spell, while lethal against brigands and wolves, won’t be as effective against the evil armies of the empires. However, on the bright side, I’ve recently research shard harvesting, which increases  Markinn’s magical power (although I’m not entirely sure how, as the game mechanics have been changed a lot since first release. I guess I better go find out…). Also, I can finally train some slightly better units in my settlements: forward observers. They’re not great, but at least they’re not peasants. Hopefully they can keep the line while Annie and the corpse spider do the real damage. [Note: there aren’t any lines, morale, or tactics to speak of in the combat. Total War this ain’t. It’s more like a simplified version of King’s Bounty, but with less depth.]

A tale of two cities.

Let us hope that Markinn and Bannon Highsley can get their act together, as the Empire of Kraxis has just declared war


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