Ele:WoM – The Rebirth of Peashaskas (Chapter 3)

An exciting quest.

Well, of course, I attack the rogue wizard as the dark concoction must be destroyed at all costs!

The rogue wizard has no chance against my arcane arrow.

Yes, I'm still using the same spell I started the game with. It seems to do the job well enough

Exciting stuff

So, where was I? Oh yes, the Kraxis Empire have declared war on me. I guess they’re just plain evil, as it’s not like I’ve had any contact with them yet and there’s still plenty of empty land to go round. On the plus side, I’ve bumped into an emissary from the Kingdom of Capitar. They seem nice and friendly. I guess I should build up an army to defend against the Kraxis. Except that I can’t as a) I have no money and b) none of the troops available to me look worth building anyway. I guess I should deal with a) first as having no money is unlikely to be a good idea. Time to introduce some free market economics to the Peashaskas.

The inner workings of my Kingdom.

So, I’m losing 3 gilder a turn, and most of that is due to admin costs. I assume this is the cost of all the improvements I’ve built in my city. Hmmm, it wouldn’t have been nice if the game had made it a little clearer that there were running costs associated with these things. Never fear though, as unlike CivIV (which always made it easy for an inexperienced player to bankrupt his/her nation), the game still lets me build markets and caravans. Despite having no money to build them with. It means I’ll have to postpone building a standing army for a little while, but at least I can hope that there will be some more interesting troops to recruit by then.

While I wait for my kingdom to evolve from a pair of villages into something more civilised, I continue to explore with Markinn, Annie and the sand golem. North of my lands I stumble across the evil Kraxis.

I really do like these maps 🙂

Time for my first big decision of the game: should I go in gun’s blazing and try to take out Hiiliesplav? [who made this random name generator?] Am I risking the life of my sovereign? How strong will the town’s defense be? Only one way to find out – and it turns out the no, I am not risking Markinn’s life, and no, the town is not well defended [although is does have more people defending it than my own cities, which is worrying]. The enemy have a group of wanderers with a total of 34 hit points. Yet again, my battle plan involves standing still and firing an arcane arrow at them each turn, then thumping any survivors with my sand golem. This proves to be as effective as before:


I'll put this next to my school swimming badges.

Hiiliesplav is mine. Although not without losses: Annie has been sent to great kennels in the sky 😦 I guess it’s a good thing that I have a back up dog, also named Annie in Raxtidiile. And so much for sieges. Even the stacks-of-doom in CivIV require more tactics than this. Ah well, onwards. Given I’m meant to be playing a goodie goodie Kingdom, I get in touch with the Kraxis Empire and ask if they’d peace. But no, they’re determined to keep this war alive. I’m not entirely sure why: although they started the war they are yet to attack me, and they’ve let me walk up and take one of their cities. I’m guessing there are three potential reasons for this:

  • the AI is playing “in-character” as a power crazed war mongering Emporer of a small country.
  • the AI is playing the long game, luring me into a false sense of security, only to counter attack with an all-conquering sovereign who has mastered spells even more devastating than my level 1 arcane arrow.
  • there is no AI.

I guess only time will tell. Back on the home front, my economy is slowly improving. I can now build town halls which should help, and I have discovered the secrets of alchemy, meaning that I can transform mana into gilder. Furthermore, my allies seem happy to trade. So my money problem has been solved, for the time being at least.

Have a nice day

As I’m at war, I figure I should really have a look at the unit designer. It’s there for a reason right? And surely at some point I’ll need forces to defend my homeland. It turns out the unit designer is only marginally better than the one in Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri: ie boring and a little pointless. But still, I click some buttons and design my new guards: the fearless red feet. Named after the red shoes they were, rather than anything more blood thirsty.

Custom units

Sadly, I just traded most my materials away, so I can’t actually train any red feet at the moment. But, I’m nothing if not patient (otherwise, why would I even still be playing this game?)




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