Developing Perontor 4


Ok, nothing too exciting to report, but I’ve been working on some more “plumbing,” namely, the ability to save a world and then reload it. I’ve got this working: although I should explore if it’s possible to just save the random number generator’s seed (answer is probably not, as I might allow for the world to be terraformed in-game).

An exciting main menu


Other changes:

  • commanders/characters/cities can now only order x numbeof units in their control radius.
  • this means i can have a sort of “scout” unit, which as a large control radius, but can only order one unit per turn.
  • the playing chits have been improved a little

To do in the near future

  • finish work on the Load/New world stuff.
  • allow for units to be saved along with the geography.
  • most the minor points on my previous to-do list.
  • and then, more excitingly, add in a second faction πŸ™‚



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