Ele:WoM – The Rebirth of Peashaskas (Chapter 4)

Along with the settlment of Hiiliesplav (recently taken from the Kraxis Empire) I have another new addition to my Kingdom, the lovely Raline.

Yet another hireable character

Raline is promptly hired to join my cause, and I decide to try out the imbue spell, which means she gains the ability to cast spells. In hindsight, this turns out to be a bad move on my part as Raline is too stupid to cast even my lowly arcane arrow spell. So much for that. Luckily, I have another use for her.

If she's too stupid to become an awe-inspiring mage, she can be a stay at home mum.

After a short honeymoon, Markinn returns back to the office and finds that we’ve now met the Kingdom of Altar. There doesn’t seem to be much interesting to say about these guys just now except that they keep bugging me to declare war on Capitar. So I just ignore them: I have my hands full with the Kraxis.

Well, I say I have my hands full. That’s stretching it a little as they’re yet to attack me and Markinn’s gearing up to take another settlement from their empire. At least this one is slightly better defended. Still, my standard tactic of “stand still and zap the enemy with arcane arrow” seems to work.

That slag is now slag.

So, Abasuraf is now mine. Annoyingly, I’m still a fair way behind the Kraxis in terms of points. I wonder how that’s calculated, as since the war started, I’ve taken two towns and suffered no loses. Perhaps he’s luring me into a false sense of security. Elemental: War of Magic isn’t a game that’s enthusiastic about letting you know how you’re getting on. Am I playing sensibly? Are my cities too spaced out? Should i have a larger army? Am I being paranoid? Does any of this matter?

Well, no, it doesn’t matter, as I’ve just reached the biggest challenge the game has thrown at me so far:

Dang, that's one powerful spell.

So that’s about all for today. I’m going to have to replay a fair bit as I had founded another city, done a quest or two, etc in-between the last save and the crash. I suppose I’ll tell you about those exciting events next time! I promise to make the next chapter longer! Stay tuned.


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