Ele:WoM – The Rebirth of Peashaskas (Chapter 5)

Ok, here’s the longer chapter I promised. The map below shows the current lie of the land:

Sadly, it's a little hard to make out city names when you zoom out.

Sadly, it's a little hard to make out city names when you zoom out.

although the “faction power” scores suggest the Kraxis are winning, I’m not entirely sure if that’s very accurate: You can see the two cities I’ve taken from them in the north of the map. However, I do feel a little stretched out, and I still haven’t managed to accumulate enough resources to build some of my mighty red feet (a custom unit I designed ages ago). Time to shore up the Kingdom and tax the hello out of my subjects. (Although, I’m yet to discover any way of changing the tax rate.) My magical research is coming along though, and I’ve now unlocked the book of water, allowing me to research water spells. Sadly, the choice appears to be pretty limited: grip of winter appears to be the best option, and that turns out to be useless. (Why waste a turn casting a spell for a 25% chance of making an enemy unit miss a turn, when instead, I can cast my trusty arcane arrow?)

<Fast forward a few turns>

My economy is now starting to pick up and I have a healthy income of gilder, which means i can happily recruit the odd character who wanders into my land, such as Lilokhi the adventurer.

Another noble recruit for the cause

This means I can go one a few more quests, such as investigating strange noises (made by wolf pups) and retrieving useful potions, without having to divert Markinn from the war effort. Which is probably more important. Here he is in action, attacking a bear:

One less evil bear in the world

He’s also found for some r n’ r, and, perhaps inevitably, he now has a baby girl, named Ekiro. Although he’s not one to take much paternity leave, and as soon as he hears the joyous news he heads of to capture another settlement from the Kraxis Empire. And then another. Where sadly, my sand golem finally dies, but that’s ok, as I have a water elemental to replace him with. Cirewavo is now mine.

Bannon Highsley (remember him?) is now warning me that rangers have warned him that terrors are awakening in the woodsI decide to ignore him, as I don’t have any rangers. And so far, none of hte wandering baddies seem very evil. The largest upset has been a small army from the Kraxis Empire managed to claim back one of their cities. However, I spotted them in time, ran the city guards away, let them liberate the city, and then attacked with a reinforced army. Unlike in Civ, I noticed no penalties for this (riots, buildings being destroyed, etc).

< some stuff happens, including taking more settlements from the Kraxis and completely some more banal quests>

I have finally tracked Karavox,  down the evil leader of the evil Kraxis Empire! However, his supporting army is about an equal match for mine and risking my sov seems unnecessary. I can call this a scouting mission, fall back, and then return with legion of Red Feet.

One does not simply walk into Aslatam

And instead, I send my secondary army to claim Yoof.  This battle is made easier by a) now having access to the heal spell (and a new spell casting character named Yookicias, who I didn’t mention earlier as there’s nothing much to say about him), and b) I’ve worked out how the tactical AI works: basically, it always seems to target my weakest unit. Which means that once a unit is near death, i can use it as an effective decoy. The AI will then ignore my other troops and walk up to the damaged unit. EVEN IF THAT MEANS THAT IT WON’T BE ABLE TO ATTACK ANYTHING ALL TURN. That tactical battles were hardly fun to start with, but now they’re just painfully dull. And using “auto-battle” is incredibly inefficient as the AI appears to enjoy using up my mana.

Taking a break from the front lines, I have a look over my empire and notice that the Magnar Empire have been expanding and have succeeding in taking control of some of my resources. I’ll have to do something about that, but at the moment, we’re in a nonaggression pact, so walking in and taking their cities isn’t an option right now. And I suppose that I should concentrate on killing Emporer Karavox before moving onto my next war. I guess there are some civilisation techs that give me access to city improvements that will spread my borders, but I’ve been researching the warfare and magic branches recently. In particular I can now create mounted troops. These guys are perhaps just what I need to finish off my war:

cheesy name, i know. but no worse than this game's random name generator.

Although it appears that mounted troops aren’t any better than infantry. They can just move faster. Hmmm. Maybe I’m missing something. I’ll build a few and test them out. I suppose that the increased movement will be useful as my kingdom is getting quite spread out.


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