Ele:WoM – The Rebirth of Peashaskas (Chapter 6)

The map, Summer 219AC

Ok, I’m even starting to get tired of Elemental’s lovely cloth map: the city names are hard to read when you zoom out due to lack of contrast. And the national borders don’t show up very well. But I hope you can make out from the map that the Kraxis Empire is nearly no more. Just a few remaining settlements clinging on in the north. Here’s hoping I can finish them off. I’ve managed to research some weaponry, so my new troops should have more of a bite. It looks like warstaffs are the best available option. I wonder when the magic great swords of certain doom will make an appearance. And on the magic side of things (as this is, after all, a War of Magic) I think I finally have a replacement for arcane arrow, namely a touch of entropy. Sadly it uses quite a bit more mana, so I’d better capture some more shards.

My capital city (can’t be bothered checking the daft spelling) is growing pretty nicely and I’m currently constructing a palace. After all this warfare in the north, Markinn will be glad of some feather pillows.

Magical shards double as lighting system for visiting stadium rockers.

Hmm, what else. Some bandits are threatening me, but I think I’ll continue to ignore them. I capture another town from the Kraxis. It turns out my axetastic mounted troops aren’t all that good. Oh, and I’ve married of Eriko to the heir to the Kingdom of Altar.

Oh, and a load of monuments and what not have suddenly appeared through the land. Including two copies of the legendary Morrigan’s Lab. Right next to each other. Fancy that. Sadly, I’m not allowed to enter either of them at the moment. And I’m not sure when I’ll get round to teaching the relevant stuff on the adventurer tree.


Sorry this story isn’t more exciting. Gameplay mostly consists of taking a settlement, waiting for my troops to heal, then taking the next one. And in between that, I send city guards off to kill the odd monster, and manage my settlements. Which is a tedious affair. For starters, I have to continually tell my towns to build more houses when they reach their population cap. And while city-specialistion is important, there’s no easy “at a glance” way of seeing which cities are good at what. You have to click on a menu, which is usually slow to open. And I’m bored enough all ready. Let’s fast forward a few turns.

Woo. I’ve unlocked the book of fire, and have also granted myself access to level 5 spells. Which the game informs me is the highest level. Which is a little underwhelming. I’ve reverted to using arcane arrow again as it does 2/3rds the damage of a touch of entropy, but at 1/4 the cost. And while some of the other new spells look interesting, I can’t see a situation in which they’d be cost-effective, except for summoning the odd elemental summon.


My army approaches the dread fortress. Armies of evil, err, scouts. Evil scouts, yes. Dangerous I tell you. Lead by the powerful Karavox himself. My men look to Markinn for assuarance, then proceed to wipe out the Kraxis Empire! Victory is mine.

So close...

Oh, bugger this. I’ll finish trying to win this game tomorrow.



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