Ele:WoM – The Rebirth of Peashaskas (Chapter 7)

Hello. You rejoin me just as I’m doing a spot of gardening. Magical gardening. Probably better described as terraforming. Magical terraforming. I’m not really sure why all these spells are in the game (and a lot of them are available very early) as the AI seems to have enough trouble without human players creating and destroying mountains all over the place. And sadly, you can’t destroy enemy cities by plunging them into the sea. And I can’t think of a reason why you’d ever want to raise an island out of the sea: a waste of previous mana that could otherwise be used for casting that tediousarcane arrow spell again and again. And I don’t think mountains do anything (unlike say, Alpha Centauri, which had a whole weather system built in). But lets forget about that. I haven’t used these spells all game, and one of my cities is trying to expand up the side of the mountain. It looks messy. So…

Such powers, man should not weild.

Ka-boom. And Esuebark now has room to expand. Well, that was pointless.

I’m now greeted by an alarming message from one of my allies:


However, I’ve been getting similar messages all game. So far, I’ve ignored them all. Just more tedious buttons to click.

So, back to the war. I continue to chase after Emporer Karavox, and finally, he has to make a last stand with the remaining army. If the AI was half decent, this would be a close call. but the AI isn’t any good, and as it will predictably go after my weakest unit I can easily win by keeping that unit out of reach, while attacking with the rest of my units.I start my assault by using one of the more powerful spells I’ve researched

Still not as cost-effective as arcane arrow.

Then it’s a simply case of killing his army, and then finishing Karavox himself off. I decide to use a fire magic spell, to earn myself some extra style points.

A fireball in the back.

War over. Not that it was ever in doubt really. I quickly realised that unlike my opponents in CivIV:FfH2, the AI in Ele:WoM is completely and utterly incapable of launching any sort of invasion force.

So, now, I guess I should try to win the actual game. Wiping out all the other factions sounds like a tedious job. Ideally, I’d like to move as few troops as possible. So I guess casing thespell of making is the way forward. Luckily I’m only a couple of techs away from it.

<20 turns later>

I should have guessed this: turns out I need access to all four elements to cast the winning spell. So I guess I’ll have to declare war on the Empire of Magnar and take one of their earth shards.This won’t be quite the walkover that I’d like as the Magnar have pretty decent troops. Time to grab a fewwarfaretechs so I can match them.

<15 turns later>

Problem solved. The Magnar are powerless to stop me taking their cities. A few turns later I run my army up to one of their cities with an earth shard.

The final climax of the game.

And with that, I just have to wait 10 turns to get enough mana, cast the spell of making, and win. With a grand score of 58. Whatever that means.


[Afterthoughts to follow shortly].







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