Developing Perontor 6 – Simplistic Landscaping

land, rocks, water and ice. And a highlighted region around a city.

So, while progress has been slow, there has at least been progress. Save/load is coming along nicely. Earlier today I spent a while trying to write a function to centre the camera on the currently active character/city, but I can’t get this working reliably. Guess I need to do the trig by hand, and work out what coordinate axis I’m using etc.

To cheer myself up, I’d work on the landscaping function a little.

notes for next time:

  • flatten out the sea
  • stretch out the mountain
  • swear about the new bug that is cropping out with tile IDs.

One comment on “Developing Perontor 6 – Simplistic Landscaping

  1. The Innocent says:

    I’m digging the abstract clay look to the world. Though yeah, the oceans do look a bit funky.

    Looking forward to future updates!

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