Developing Perontor 7 – Flat Seas

Flat seas!

Ok, I’ve made some pretty good progress over the last few days, including a couple of things which I stuggled with more than I expected. Firstly, the sea is now flat, and I think I can call v1 of my planetgen script done (otherwise, I’ll play with it for ages and avoid some other irksome tasks). I’m still toying with the idea of using hex tiles. Can’t quite decide it will be worth the headache.

Also, the camera now centres on your currently active city. And it should work with character chits too. but I haven’t tested that yet. Sadly, this progress is slightly undone by the fact that my new chit models are spawning in outerspace, so I guess that’s next on my todo list.

Oh, and the UI background panels now change colour to match the currently active faction, which I think is a useful touch. I can worry about making it more visually attractive at a later d



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