FfH2:The Clan of Embers/Sheelba – Chapter 1

So, I thought it was about time I gave Civilization IV: Fall from Heaven 2 another shot. I enjoyed playing and writing my last AAR, so why not do the whole thing again? This time though, I’ll hopefully win! So, without further ado, lets get started.

[Note: game settings are all at normal/standard. And the difficulty is only at Noble, as I’d quite like to win this time]

This time around, I’m going to go a nice straight forward race: the Clan of Embers. None of this heroic nonsense. We’re going to set the world ablaze and then claim it for the orcs. I decide to take Sheelba as my leader as the has the more interesting back story, and the aggressive trait will probably come in handy.

I start by founding Braduka little way inland. My orcs are wary of the ocean and I want to make sure I have access to good mining spots around my capital. Now we have a settlement to call home, we set up a command structure using the Nationhood civic (giving a small boost to the production of military units)

That isn't meant to read "Braduk the Burning Goblin." The city is called Braduk the Burning, and it is currently recruiting some goblin scouts.

I send my goblin scouts in the nearby forests in search of wolves. Goblins make pretty poor scouts, having a movement range of only 1. But they have a nice unique trait that makes up for this: if they can capture some wolves, they upgrade into wolf riders! Who are a whole lot nastier:

“In battle, the wild ones copy the tactics of civilization, though they could not hope to understand them. They march in rough companies, but break into a frenzy at the first sight of the enemy, thus negating the formations. They hail a leader, but follow their own plans when his back is turned. They divide a portion of their force for cavalry, despite being unable to mount a horse. Although… of the Wolf Riders, I have gained a grudging respect, in their bravery at mounting such a fearsome beast–and at their aptitude for it.”   Excerpt from Lilar Jaswin’s “Interactions among the lesser races,” chapter IV

My plan at this stage of the game is to recruit a few goblin units and go wolf hunting. This will give me the lay of the land and with a bit of luck, I’ll end up with a good few units of wolf riders. This early on in the game, they’ll be a formidable force.

Sadly, this doesn’t go to plan. At all. I appear to have founded my Orcish clan on the western peninsula of a large landmass. And sadly, there’s an impassable chain of mountains blocking me off from the eastern lands. The only way to expand is by boat. While this would be an ideal defensive position to build up a cultured and enlightened civilisation, this isn’t the orcish way of doing things (we can’t even build libraries!). So boats it is. Shame I didn’t build my capital on the coast isn’t it. This is going to make an early rush strategy a lot harder.

My lands, such that they are.

The next few years are spend founding my second town, Renegade Hill, up on the Northern coast. There seems little point trying to beeline to researching sailing, there are a good few techs in the way and it looks like a surefire way to cripple my little orcish economy. So I take a slightly slower path through the tech tree picking up crafting, fishing, agriculture, masonry, mining, and then finally sailing. Masonry is a key tech for the Clan of Embers as it unlocks their unique building, warrens:

“When we finally conquered their city, we were not prepared to face what was hidden in these strange, ruined buldings. I was chosen to be part of an exploration team sent inside what we thought to be a shabby warehouse, but once inside the stench of rotting flesh almost stunned me. In the dim light of our lantern we saw thousand of little shiny eyes, belonging to countlesss baby orcs fighting one another or feasting on rats and other vermin. Here and there my eyes catched the shapes of pregnant orc females, their swelled wombs forcing them to sit helplessy in the dirt. We all knew war too well and knew what had to be done, but in my heart i felt like the monsters i sworn to fight, as killing children was horrible for me, regardless of their race. Our commander ordered to set fire to these warrens, and i think i will never forget their screams… that day i paid with my own humanity the price of joining the crusade …” -Jarn Bannor, soldier

The reason warrens are so incredibly useful is that they allow me to train two military units at teh same time, for the cost of one. (BOGOF on orcs!). Once I get the orcish navy up and running, there will be a never-ending stream of savage warriors sailing out from our peninsula. It will be like a coastal Mordor!

While the orcs are busy trying to work out how to float, news reaches our shores of the Elohim, led by Ethne the White:

On the day of her birth, the king decreed that his daughter would never witness the suffering of the world. So Ethne grew up in luxury, tended to by an obedient staff, and she never saw the world past the lavish gardens that surrounded the palace. She grew into a gentle-spirited girl, not expectant or demanding as one might expect of a child in her situation, but kind, without malice of any sort.

She seems somewhat naive

Well, I guess I’ve found my first target.


3 comments on “FfH2:The Clan of Embers/Sheelba – Chapter 1

  1. The Innocent says:

    Fun stuff! Those Elohim won’t know what hit them. Every time you talk about FfH2, I’m sorely tempted to reinstall, but I doubt my schedule could bear it.

  2. riadsala says:

    Yeah. what I love about this game (and Civ IV in general) is a lot of emergent things can happen. ie. in this game, I’m going to be a race of orcish pirates!

  3. Awesome stuff riad, looking forward to seeing how this works out for you =)

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