Developing Perontor 12: Back in the Saddle

After some time off, I finally managed to summon the enthusiasm to find and fix some bugs. So, PROGRESS 😀

lens flare!

  • New commanders/generals are now added into the turn-structure properly
  • The Character Activation panel (top right) now works properly
  • Also, I’ve decided on a “we go” system, so I know now what I should work on next: I need to draw some nice arrows to represent planned moves.

FfH2:The Clan of Embers/Sheelba – Chapter 4

A new threat

While Yonna may be mine, and Thessa’s resistance to my attack is proving pretty feeble, unfortunately I have a new problem to deal with: Capria of the Bannor have declared war on me.  And worse still, they’ve founded a new city on the coast blocking off my frontlines from my orchish heartlands. I suppose it’s unsurprising, as they’re the holy crusaders of the game, and it’s only natural that they have taken a dim view of my aggressive expansion. Still, it’s another problem that will have to be dealt with. Their new fledgling settlement, Tentatio-onis is in my way, and it will have to go.

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FfH2:The Clan of Embers/Sheelba – Chapter 2

This is the last settlement I plan on building for quite some time. From now on, we'll be on the offense.

My little peninsular empire is up and running nicely. I now have warrens in my three cities,s and the orcs up on Renegade Hill have built a couple of galleys. We will ride out on the next tide and wash up upon the western isles as a unstoppable force that even King Canute would trouble to turn.

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