FfH2:The Clan of Embers/Sheelba – Chapter 3

Turtle Soup!

So, now that the west has been won (well, at least the north-west) it’s time to explore the lands to the south. However, first I’ll have to get past the sea monsters that have started patrolling these waters. Once the turtle has been dealt with, I’ll be free to swarm through the southern jungles.

So, here’s a map showing the lie of the land. The lands to my east appear to be free except for some barbarian cities. and now that the Elohim are no more, the lands in the north-west are all mine. It’s going to be hard to resist the temptation to settle all these lands straight away. I’m pretty sure that would be a bad idea, as the Clan’s economy is already trapped in a vicious cycle of boom n’ bust. A problem that’s only exacerbated by the constant stream of fresh orcs emerging from the warrens of Braduk the Burning.

A map of the known world. I’m orange, and am clearly winning. Despite what hte scores say.

exciting, I’ve finally managed to master the secrets of Archery and Bronze Working, which means my horde has a little more variety. And while the first wave of this new campaign of terror works its way down across the southern sea, a hero is recruited in my capital. [While the Grigori, who starred in my previous FfH2 AAR can recruit as many heroes as they like, I believe that all the other factions are limited to a single unique hero unit].

Rantine enters the world’s stage

He would not wait much longer. If the men here caught him, they would kill him. Just for who he was, though if they knew what he had done, they would make it slow and painful. He didn’t blame them, Rantine was not ready to die by the Bannor-men’s hands, not just yet. But he could not leave until he met his queen, or the dreams would continue.

Dreams! He scoffed at himself. Being led so many leagues through the bitter cold, alone, by dreams. He was letting her control him, manipulate him again, and he knew it. But there was a line. He was not the orc he had been in his youth, rabid and bloodthirsty, eager for the excuse to rend flesh. Even an orc can tire of bathing in the blood of children, or at least this orc did. He had told her that many times as he traveled here, the last few months. There was a line he would not cross again, not even for her. Bhall did not answer him, except to continue the dreams.

So, Rantine is an interesting fellow. While his starting stats aren’t that impressive, as a hero unit he gains +1EXP every turn (up to some upper limit). Also, he has a special ability allowing him to convert barbarian cities over to my cause. Which means I can send him west and double the size of my empire at next to no cost! And by the time he’s done that, he should have levelled up enough to be useful in the war effort in the south.

Talking of which, the horde have arrived at Dendrom, a city belonging to Thessa of the Ljosalfar. An elvish faction. I had a run in with the elves in my last game, and I have learnt that these followers of the Fellowship of Leaves are a dangerous lot.

Deep in the woods, the whispers of Elves linger. Ancient protectors normally above the affairs of men, some men have shown enough loyalty to them to be taught their magic and even gain the assistance of the Fawns.

Ah yes, those fawns. They’re a right pain. Best I strike early I think. Annoyingly, my galley’s still have to hug the coast, and sailing around to  Ljosalfar‘s lands will require an open borders agreement with the Sidar, but luckily they agree. So I better make the most of it and burn the elvish city to the ground.

Let the attack commence. Otherwise said as “waaaaaaaaggggggggh”

The start of the war goes so well that my followers discover a new sense of msytism and start to worship me as god king (equivalency to beurocracy in vanilla CivIV i think). This will allow me to replace the (somewhat numerous) casualties from each battle at an even faster rate. In fact, the orcish axemen are being recruited faster than I can ferry them to the south, so I send orders to Renegade Hill to build some more galley’s.

As the orcs head inland they stumble across another elvish city deep in the jungle. Again, the axemen overwhelm the fawns and claim the city for the clan. This will make a good staging post from which to take control of the south.

The Clan of Embers spreads across the south




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