FfH2:The Clan of Embers/Sheelba – Chapter 4

A new threat

While Yonna may be mine, and Thessa’s resistance to my attack is proving pretty feeble, unfortunately I have a new problem to deal with: Capria of the Bannor have declared war on me.  And worse still, they’ve founded a new city on the coast blocking off my frontlines from my orchish heartlands. I suppose it’s unsurprising, as they’re the holy crusaders of the game, and it’s only natural that they have taken a dim view of my aggressive expansion. Still, it’s another problem that will have to be dealt with. Their new fledgling settlement, Tentatio-onis is in my way, and it will have to go.

Luckily, this proves to be pretty straight forward. They’re cut off from their other cities, and I have a steady stream of orcs heading down to the southlands. A few turns spent destroying Tentatio-onis is no huge deal. And anyway, it gives me time to get my new weapons of war into place for a strike against the Ljosalfarian: I now have catapults!

It seems like the Clan of Embers is gaining a fearsome reputation as another nation, the Kuriotates have joined the Bannor in their efforts to stop me. What’s worse, they’ve started building ships with which to attack my fleet of galleys!

Sadly, orcs can’t breath under water 😦

Worryingly this is an incredibly shrewd move on the AIs part! Strategy AIs seem to have a reputation at being terrible at naval combat stuff, so I’m guessing this is at least partly down to luck, smoke and mirrors. But it does feel like the Kuriotates have identified that my progress is completely reliant on my navy, and that because of the tech penalties I suffer from, a single frigate is going to be a major thorn in my side. This highlights a major tactical blunder on my part: not researching optics earlier! I had been taken my access to the southern sea for granted, and I was more concerned with the Sidar ending our open borders agreement (which would make it impossible for my galleys to sail around their borders). And as I’ve been worried about keeping my forward momentum going on the ground, I’ve been learning how to make catapults, and delving into the shamanic magic.

So, the plan is to crush Thessa’s captial city ASAP, learn how to make bigger boats, and then take back control of the seas while building up proper defenses at home and gearing up for my next target: once the Ljosalfarian city is mine, it will probably be safe to ignore them for a while.

more fawning fawns

While Hyll is defended by a large number of fawns, there are a couple of factors in my favour. Firstly, for once(!), the city has not been built on a hill. Secondly, I have a couple of catapults in position. And thirdly, my hero, Rantine, managed to make it across the narrow sea before I lost most my navy. So, the orcs make short work of the city, capturing it for the city!

Back home, the clan switches over from tribalismto apprenticeship, and from a decentralised economy toagrarianism. Hopefully this means that the third wave of orcs will be stronger and even faster to produce.

I’m not quite sure who to attack next: there are a couple of options that all appear equally important. Furthermore, my vanilla-CivIV instinct is telling me that a period of peace and prosperity would be good now, to solidify my gains. But I’m not sure how well this applies to orcs, and although they’re still friendly towards me, the Sidar seem to be in a strong first place.

Over in the west, some shamans make themselves known and offer guidance:

It’s time to master the secrets of fire! Magical fire!


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