Developing Perontor 12: Back in the Saddle

After some time off, I finally managed to summon the enthusiasm to find and fix some bugs. So, PROGRESS πŸ˜€

lens flare!

  • New commanders/generals are now added into the turn-structure properly
  • The Character Activation panel (top right) now works properly
  • Also, I’ve decided on a “we go” system, so I know now what I should work on next: I need to draw some nice arrows to represent planned moves.

One comment on “Developing Perontor 12: Back in the Saddle

  1. Tasarran says:

    You might be interested in something I’m working on…
    I am taking a different approach to the globe; instead of focusing on making tiles make of geometry, I tessellate the globe, and draw the hexes on in the texture.
    I can make the globe any degree of subdivisions along the original icosahedron, from two to 140.
    On an Earth-sized globe, level 100 is 50 miles per hex.
    I won’t pimp my own site here, but if you want to see what I am up to, I have a post in the WIP section of the Unity 3D forum with some shots and links.

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