FfH2:The Clan of Embers/Sheelba – Chapter 9

Victory for the hoard

So last time, I was worried about a counter attack from the Sidar and a inbound Mercurian galleon. Turns out there was no need to worry: the (now rather) large army continues to slaughter all before it, and my pirate ships easily take care of the galleon.What’s more, thanks to the spoils of war, my economy, and hence research is doing a little better now. It’s hardly a sustainable model in the long run, but I’m hoping that the Sidar will soon crumble into insignificance. And with the world’s strongest nation (at least in terms of technology) reduced to dust, I should be free to pick the remaining factions off one by one.

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FfH2:The Clan of Embers/Sheelba – Chapter 8

With the invasion of the Sidar stepping up a gear, it seems like a good time to use my world spell,For the Horde. This conversts 50% of the world’s barbarian orcish units to my cause. While it probably won’t help a huge amount at this stage of the game (probably more useful a bit earlier) I’m hoping I’ll at least gain a few raiding parties to harass the other nations with. Also, it will give me a better idea of the lay of the land beyond my borders!

It looks like there’s a  big open expanse down in the south, populated by the odd giant

A giant giant

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FfH2:The Clan of Embers/Sheelba – Chapter 7

War… war changes…

The Clan of Embers has converted over to the Octopus Overlords:

The power beneath the Aegean waves is said to be more powerful than any other, but the Overlords are unfocused and follow a thousand different obscure agendas. The Disciples of the Overlords dare not expose themselves directly to the conflicting commands of their masters and instead use the poor as intermediaries. They are quickly driven insane by the process, which the disciples prefer as it keeps them from manipulating the message. They also share the process of turning a Warrior into The Drown, undead thralls, a process with few volunteers.

This has spurned our tribal elders on, and with their advice we have learned the secrets of warfare:

Our lands were forged through strife. The land was never given to us; we had to carve it out of Nature’s grasp with our swords and axes. We are a minority of good men in an evil world, and so we must be ever watchful, ever vigilant, lest the more vicious people of the world should take our lands for theirs. 

–  Jasper Rendrahl, Paladin of the Order

The enemies of the clan will know no mercy.

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FfH2:The Clan of Embers/Sheelba – Chapter 6

See, I told you I hadn’t given up on this game! And while i haven’t quite worked out the best way to play the situation I outlined in the last post, I have made some progress. Firstly, I’ve finally switched my government from God King to Aristocracy. While this is maybe a little less in keeping with the orc-ish way, the economy comes first, and hopefully this will stem the tide of unneeded orcish axemen and archers from my capital city. As, I still don’t have a navy.

Because this keeps happening

Fuck right off.

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FfH2:The Clan of Embers/Sheelba – Chapter 5

Ok, it’s been a while, I apologise. My excuses are many: moving house, work, playing some over games, etc. But, the recent 10 year long Civ 2 game story has given me some motivation to make sure I finish this game.

So, the current state of affairs is thus: my heartland is a landlocked peninsula, which has forced me to become a nation of sea-faring orcs. Well, this is perhaps over selling my navy. The Clan of Embers‘s research is pretty lousy, and so my ships are pretty basic too. For the first two campaigns, this wasn’t a problem, but recently my enemies have started a counter attack, and I find my empire split over four regions separated by water and mountains.

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Perontor – Golden Activation Hoop

the hoop bobs up and down! Not that you can see the bobbing in the picture.

Ok, so I’ve been suffering from my usual problem: I lose interest when some big dull chunk of coding comes along, and I start a new project. (in this case, I’ve been writing an AI to play the card game Dominion). But, thanks to Harlander (from the RPS forums), my enthusiasm has increased a little, and i’ll try and finish the save/load order turn thing soon. In the meantime, here’s the new improvedactivation hoop that he’s coded up for me. Each turn, one of your command units is activated, allowing you to move units inside the hoop.

This all seems to work fine.

So next up: finally write some code which saves the position of all units on the globe. And then mix with code which saves planned orders. Then then allow the game to load it up. And then start playing via dropbox while adding in interesting stuff.

When I put it like that, it’s really not tooooo much work before a simple playable version exists.