FfH2:The Clan of Embers/Sheelba – Chapter 6

See, I told you I hadn’t given up on this game! And while i haven’t quite worked out the best way to play the situation I outlined in the last post, I have made some progress. Firstly, I’ve finally switched my government from God King to Aristocracy. While this is maybe a little less in keeping with the orc-ish way, the economy comes first, and hopefully this will stem the tide of unneeded orcish axemen and archers from my capital city. As, I still don’t have a navy.

Because this keeps happening

Fuck right off.

So I guess this is one of the downsides of playing a mod. I have little idea why this keeps happening, and how I can stop it. Every time I build a privateer, some Barbarians run into my city and destroy it. Maybe it is cause the ships don’t display nationality? Perhaps. Does anybody have any good ideas how I can stop it? The game doesn’t seem to let me attack the barbarians back, as the Clan of Embers are meant to be allied with them.

I decide to take my bad mood out on the elves: heading out east through the jungles in the south, I find the last ofThessa’s cities. It doesn’t take much work to raise it to the ground.

I feel a little better now.

Ok, so if i remember correctly, that’s two nations destroyed. I’m not too confident that I can win the game, due to the geography and my failure to build privateers, but so far, so good. And, maybe my luck is now changing, as I’ve finally built one! It doesn’t last long, but at least it managed to take out an enemy ship before sinking. Hopefully, the first of many! And to keep things interesting,Capriahave landed a small force on my southern shores. They don’t last long.

Get off my land!

With their raiding party dealt with, I switch my main coastal cities to building galleys (hopefully they won’t be sabotages by barbarians), and ponder  the pros and cons of taking on the Sidar.





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