FfH2:The Clan of Embers/Sheelba – Chapter 7

War… war changes…

The Clan of Embers has converted over to the Octopus Overlords:

The power beneath the Aegean waves is said to be more powerful than any other, but the Overlords are unfocused and follow a thousand different obscure agendas. The Disciples of the Overlords dare not expose themselves directly to the conflicting commands of their masters and instead use the poor as intermediaries. They are quickly driven insane by the process, which the disciples prefer as it keeps them from manipulating the message. They also share the process of turning a Warrior into The Drown, undead thralls, a process with few volunteers.

This has spurned our tribal elders on, and with their advice we have learned the secrets of warfare:

Our lands were forged through strife. The land was never given to us; we had to carve it out of Nature’s grasp with our swords and axes. We are a minority of good men in an evil world, and so we must be ever watchful, ever vigilant, lest the more vicious people of the world should take our lands for theirs. 

–  Jasper Rendrahl, Paladin of the Order

The enemies of the clan will know no mercy.

The navel war begins

And on that decisive note, my ships head South-west to take on the Kuriotates. I figure as one of the two good alignment races in the game, they’re more likely to cause my problems than the (so far) friendly and peaceful Sidar. Plus, my intel suggests they’re smaller, so it should be easier for my to outnumber them.

I send the few privateers across the ocean to start taking out their navy and create safe passage for the orcish armada. Things are going well and armies march to the coasts throughout my lands. However, no sooner do I land the first wave of the invasion force on Cardith Lorda‘s shores, something terrible happens.

The Kuriotates have built the Mercurian Gate in the city I was planning on attacking.

Avenging angels!

This is more than enough to put me off my current plan: what remains of my army swiftly sail back East and prepare for plan B: war with the Sidar! Luckily my hero Rantine avoided the massacre, and leads the charge against Velius (one of Sandalphon‘s cities sandwiched between my heartlands and the land I stole from the Ljosofar).

A more successful invasion.

Plan B works a lot better than Plan A, and after capturing Velius, my army heads inland to meet reinforcements coming up from the south. Not to mention the constant steam of fresh young orcs streaming out of Braduk the Burning, as thankfully i now have a secure command over the sea that seperates the Northern and Southern halves of the eastern continent.

My armada.




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