FfH2:The Clan of Embers/Sheelba – Chapter 8

With the invasion of the Sidar stepping up a gear, it seems like a good time to use my world spell,For the Horde. This conversts 50% of the world’s barbarian orcish units to my cause. While it probably won’t help a huge amount at this stage of the game (probably more useful a bit earlier) I’m hoping I’ll at least gain a few raiding parties to harass the other nations with. Also, it will give me a better idea of the lay of the land beyond my borders!

It looks like there’s a  big open expanse down in the south, populated by the odd giant

A giant giant

Back home the war is going well. Rantine is leading my main force, laying waste to Sidar cities one by one. And I’ve landed a second army on the eastern region of the northern continent to take care of the outpost Sandalphon has built in-between my cities.

Eastern march!

In the far south, it appears that the other evil race in the game, the Sheaim, have also been busy:

There is no history of the Sheaim as a people before the Age of Rebirth. As the Age of Ice ended, they were a people from all civilizations gathered toward one purpose: ending creation through the fell magic of Armageddon spells. Most pursue this focus to increase their arcane knowledge, some believe they will receive an eternal reward for destroying creation, while a few just want the world to end.

Skeletons and forest fires!

They don’t sound like a particularly friendly bunch, so I think I’ll leave them to their own devices for the time being. Anyway, we’re both evil so they could as my only allies in this game!

More evidence of evil fire magic

News of more victories reaches Braduk the Burning: the cities of Skarlas and Provectus have been captured for the greater glory of the Clan, while Senetcus has been burnt to the ground. My armies now include wolf chariots, and the power of my shamans grow: the haste and enchanted blade buffs increase the speed and power of my ever-growing army.


furthermore, the octopus overlords grant me zealots, who possess magical healing properties, which further increases the speed of my horde, as there’s no need to spend as long nursing wounds after each battle. With the fall of Zarlra, I capture not only another Sidarian city, but I also take possession of Shrine of Sironla, a wonder that grants me further healing spells.

Bolstered by my advance against the Sidar, I send part of my navy back westwards to scout out my other enemies: I don’t want to give them a oppertunity to amass a navy:

Orcish Pirates!

After taking out the fledging Bannornavy, I send my privateers home for repairs.

The arrogant sense of smugness only lasts a few turns though. A captain of ony my transport galleys arrives with ill omens: the Mercurians have set sail, and they have larger ships than the clan!

if only my pirate ships weren’t busy being repaired!

And as a double whammy, the Sidar appear to finally be mounting a counter attack in the far North-East. I have little idea how strong it will turn out to be, but they make short work of my goblin scouts. The few survivors who make it back talk of ghosts!








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