FfH2:The Clan of Embers/Sheelba – Chapter 9

Victory for the hoard

So last time, I was worried about a counter attack from the Sidar and a inbound Mercurian galleon. Turns out there was no need to worry: the (now rather) large army continues to slaughter all before it, and my pirate ships easily take care of the galleon.What’s more, thanks to the spoils of war, my economy, and hence research is doing a little better now. It’s hardly a sustainable model in the long run, but I’m hoping that the Sidar will soon crumble into insignificance. And with the world’s strongest nation (at least in terms of technology) reduced to dust, I should be free to pick the remaining factions off one by one.

It feels like the war against the Sidar is alsmot at an end. I’ve captured all their cities which lie on the large river basin, and their remaining strongholds are all on the other side of a narrow mountain pass. Although this includes their capital city, it shouldn’t be too hard to take. And if it is, I can at least hold them off by fortifying the pass.

Taking hold of an important chokepoint

As my army assembles to push into the eastern plateau, worrying news reaches me from my western colonies: angel sightings! It appears they are trying to establish a foothold! Luckily, the western garrison is just about large enough to deal with the problem (aided by some swift recruitment making use of the warrens.

Angelic invasion

In the east, my army moves through the mountain pass without much problem (well, a treant shows up and kills a load of orcs before I can take it down. but losing a handful or axemen is now great cost at this stage of the war). I conquer Vetus and pull into second place (score wise) just behind the combined might of Cardith Lorda and Basium.

After taking a moment to reflect, I decide that i should offer the Sidar the oppertunity of a ceasefire. And so, in return for the secrets of hourseback riding, mathematics, feudalism, military strategy, necromancy, poisons, priesthood and sanitation, I agree to stop killing them. My hope is that by taking this opportunity to fly up the research tree, I can gain access to some more powerful units, which I’ll probably need in order to take on the angelic might of Basium. While my armies have continued to slay all before them, they’re hugely dependant on large numbers and a few heavily promoted veteran  axemen.

This move appears to impress Os-Gabella of the Sheaim, the only other evil nation left in the game. The Sheaim have been doing pretty badly, and they offer to become a vassal of the Clan of Embers. This seems like a good move, and with the Sidar weekened and contained, I now just have to deal with the trio of nobel empires remaining in the south-west.

My fellow evil ally

Its time to build a second armada of orcs.



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