FfH2:The Clan of Embers/Sheelba – Chapter 10

Opening moves in the war against Carpria

My unstoppable orcs have landed on the south western continent and have started laying waste to Bannor‘s cities. The city of Trinity soon falls and my minions use it as the basecamp for this campaign. With my new auxiliary troops, I should be able to sweep Capria away, setting the stage for a final showdown with Cardith Lorda. Oh, I forgot to mention I had new troops available? Well, let me show you…

Cultists and assassins! While I’ve seen assassins before (see my previous write-up), Cultists are a unique unit associated with the  octopus overlords religion. And they have the ability to generate tsunamis!

Well, that just made things easier

So, with devastating forces of magic, the horde sweep in and claim the Bannor’s capital city as their own. And with the capital conquered, the rest of their settlements fail to amount an effective defense.

However, it looks like Cardith Lorda is going to be a  far harder not to crack, as he swiftly eliminates my small scouting party with ghostly legions

Ominous signs

More worryingly, the Kuriotates also easily dispatches the force I send to scout out the south-westerly corner of the map. That’s half of all the units I have in the south-west! Obliterated.

Arrrgh, fire magic!

To add insult to injury, the Sidar have decided to break the cease-fire. On the plus side, this means I can wash out the sour taste in my mouth and regroup while killing off the last of Sandalphon‘s men. And I have a new ally in the far east, a giant!

My club’s bigger than your club.

My ally, Os-Gabella of the Sheaim also show’s up to lend some support, with infernal fire creatures. With two armies on the offensive, the Sidar swiftly lose their two largest cities, and agree to capitulate. And as a way of an apology, they give me engineering, fanaticism, iron working, medicine, religious law, sorcery, stirrups, taxation, animal handling, way of the earthmother, way of the forests, and way of the wise. Which sorts out my fear of falling too far behind in tech!

These new secrets allow me to upgrade some of my shamans to mages, and to summon some demons!

Stygian Guard


Although, worryingly, somebody else out there has access to some powerful spells too:

Sadly, these are bad beams of light, rather than nice friendly beams of light.

Talking of things hotting up, there’s a new kid on the block: Hyborem

Lo! Death has reared himself a throne in a strange city lying alone far down within the dim West, where the good and the bad and the worst and the best have gone to their eternal rest. There shrines and palaces and towers (time-eaten towers that tremble not!) resemble nothing that is ours. Around, by lifting winds forgot, resignedly beneath the sky the melancholy waters lie.

My new little demon

Time to cross my claws that he’ll help out in my war against Bassium.


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