Developing Perontor: would you like a large or small world?

So, one issue I’m currently pondering is what sort of map size to use… while the planet will always be the same size, the grid can be varied. Do I want a sparse grid, with a board game feel (in which each hex acts more like a region). Or a finer grid closer to civ?

a sparse grid

A dense grid


4 comments on “Developing Perontor: would you like a large or small world?

  1. The Innocent says:

    I kind of like the sparse visual.

    But I like board games more than Civ.

  2. Zam says:

    Hi, It’s beautiful, i try to make the same sort of game …
    But i have to learn how to generate procedural hexagon in Unity3D first, because i just begin to work with this engine …
    The source of your code will help me to gain many weeks of work, but i will understand you don’t give it 😉
    Do you have a pathfinding algorithm to move from on hexagon to another ?

    • riadsala says:


      thanks for your message. Now isn’t a good time for sharing code… I’m moving to a new city at the weekend. And I haven’t looked at this code for a good while (been caught up with my day job) so it might not be in the best state for sharing! But, I’m happy to share in principle. Afterall, I found the maths and geometry on the net for free, etc. Are you developing a game as a hobbiest? Do you have a website?

      • Zam says:

        Hi, It’s ok, i will try to make my own solution from scratch. I just ask me many questions. So for example, must i use a special data structure like half edge to store the mesh ?? I found the code of “hexplanet”, it’s a good start, but he subdivises triangles with a way i don’t like, and which is not very optimized … With this method you can make meshes with only 20 * 3 ^ n hexagon … And with a brute force algorithm to find neighbors … Will try to find a better solution … Yes, developing game is my hobby, i’m not enough good for commercial game 🙂 It is possible to send you a MP ? I will send you you my last game … (It’s a .jar file)
        Make a good travel in you new city 🙂

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