MoO1 – The Tale of the Pikka Birds (2)

Pikka’s birds are off to a flying start!

Pikka’s fledging empire is slowly growing: we have our homeworld, the sacred Lamuella, and three new colonies. And as our scouts send back reports of frozen fabulously rich in minerals, our scientists set to work on developing the technology necessary to fly there, and settle.

The Empire.

The feeling smugness is slowly wiped off Pikka’s beak…

Less good news…

Oh dear.

The Meklars are a race of robots and they are making a pretty bad first impression with me, swiftly seeing off the puny fighters orbiting my world.

Need. Bigger. Guns.

Time to put my economy on to a war footing. Or should that be war wing? War wing sure sounds better.

  • step 1: design some more advanced ships
  • step 2: take the fight to the Meklars

Hyper V Rockets sound good!

Sadly, we don’t have much in the way of military technology., so the dread space navy will have to wait. But we can at least build some ships to try to fend off any opportunistic attacks. As the Alkari get bonuses for piloting smaller ships, we’ll start by building some of those. As I’m yet to find any worlds belonging to the Meklars, I decide to ignore Step 2 of my plan, and hope that the robots just go away. In the meantime I’ll put the colonisation program up a gear. This seems to go down well with Pikka’s supporters:

Very generous. I think the BC stands for billion credits.

With new colonies comes an extended range and my scouts and venture further into the deep dark of space. Who knows what evils lurk out there? Oh, hello…

My new best friend. We have a non-aggression pact and everything.

I also manage to make diplomatic combat with the Melkar, who are far less friendly.

Boo. Hiss.

I figure the sooner I deal with the Melkar, the better. As precursor to my main attack, I send spies out throughout their empire to hopefully steal any advanced technology that might come in handy in the upcoming war. Sadly, the initial missions uncover terraforming technologies. While useful, they’re slightly less exciting than what I had in mind. The spies are promptly sent back out again, time this with instructions to look for nukes.

Let me introduce you to my chief spy-master.

As the border skirmishes gradually hot up, the spies start getting their act together and steal the trick to constructing Gatling lasers. The diplomats are also doing a sterling job, as the alien humans have agreed to a trade treaty. Our foreign policy involves keeping them happy, while building up the recently settled jungle world of Phantos. Which happens to be right on the edge of Malkar space.

I feel a little sorry for the millions of unwilling colonists who are to be sent to this world. The fact that it’s a hellish jungle would be bad enough. But I fear that war is about to engulf this sector of the galaxy.



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