MoO1 – The Tale of the Pikka Birds (3)

Let fly the birds of war.

My eastern border

Initial targets: the paradise world of Firma, and the ocean world of Dunatis. Both planets can support large colonise, so I want to invade before the robotic population grows to large. The blue and purple ships you can see on the map: ignore them. They belong to some unimportant alien race that I haven’t met yet.

The orders are made: 20 million citizens from Pollus are recruited into the Alkarian army and sent to claim Dunatis for Pikka’s Empire.


Bugger. I think I have set a new personal best for the speed in which a good plan turns bad. The green Alkaris 1st army has been wiped out and the Meklar have retaliated and captured Phantos: the world that I was using as a staging post to extend my range onto the valuable worlds to the east. And worse, Promixa has rebelled. And I’m now faced with my biggest challenge yet:


Luckily, the advanced copy-protection bomb appears to be a dud, or, I guess correctly. Either way, I’m allowed to keep on playing.

It looks like i have two new short term goals for my war: recapture Proxima and Phantos. I appear to have a slightly larger space navy than the Mekler. I just need a way to whittle down the robotic legions of death that wait for me on the planets surface. A simple solution appears to be: nuke them all from orbit.

The new orbital death raining doom ship

Softening up the planet from orbit, before sending tens of millions of troops down to the surface seems to do the trick, and I shortly regain my two planets. Alarmingly I realised that my casualties must be getting close to the 100,000,000 mark, and I haven’t even reached enemy space yet.

This might be a long slog.




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