Perontor Update

Ok, so I’ve haven’t posted any updates for a while, but I have been working on this 🙂 Things are coming together nicely, and I’ve written up notes for v1.0 of the game: the plan is to make a more “boardgame” style game, in order to get systems in place. So v1.0 will be pretty simple, but hopefully still interesting.

In the screenshot below, you can see we now have (ugly) movement arrows (the green arch from the sword chit to an empty tile). And there’s always a new way for showing water. I think this way is a little more in fitting with the rest of the terrain, and it’s more flexible… as it will allow for underwater cities and stuff, if I want to add that to the game. I can also use a similar system to fog of war.

It’s starting to get a little busy.


One comment on “Perontor Update

  1. Jesper Warncke Nielsen says:

    Hello. I am a novice unity developer, and I was wondering if I could get you to share how you made the hex tiles “Wrap” around a sphere. I am trying to make a space style game, where you can fly around in space, make colonies on planets, harvest resources, and go to war across the galaxy with other people in multiplayer. But I can’t seem to get the hex grid to wrap around my planets.

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