Ele:FE – The Adventures of Nabeanice (Chapter 2)

Let me start by pointing out one of the many little ways in which this game is annoying: picking up loot. First of all, there’s a pop-up telling you that your hero has found something:


click ok

But of course, it doesn’t tell you what you’ve found: you have to first get rid of this redundant window and click ok. Then it will tell you what you have found, and, in an attempt to be  helpful, the game gives you the option of equipping it straight away:


Great. Do I want to equip it? Err, maybe?

Except that it gives no indication of how good the item is, or it it will interfere with your current kit. So you have to dismiss this window, and then click to bring up your heroes inventory and then decide:


Nope, I don’t want to equip it, as it stops me using my two handed magical staff.

Stupid game. Anyway, I was exploring and lands around Hadgast

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Ele:FE – The Adventures of Nabeanice (Chapter 1)


My evil wraith lady sovereign!

Elemental is a game I want to like. Perhaps I’m just to old to get sucked in properly? Perhaps my recent passion for Go has made me realise that most computer strategy games have very little strategy in them. Perhaps the game just isn’t very good. The first instalment, War of Magic, certainly wasn’t. I played it once and didn’t really enjoy it very much. But that was War of Magic. Since then, Elemental: Fallen Enchantress, and it has the guy behind CivIV:FfH2 involved, which is a game I really like (although haven’t played as much as I’d like). Fallen Enchantress can out a while ago, and has been through the usual cycle of game mechanic and balance changing patches. Now that v1.3 is out, Stardock have turned their attention to the next game in the series: Elemental: Legendary Heroes. And while the buzz around the beta seems to be pretty positive, I’m not really a fan of betas. So, I’m going to play Ele:FE instead!

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