CiV: Empire of the Smoky Skies Part II

Time to play some more CiV

Time to play some more CiV

The engineers report that they have finished they’re work on the Louvre, and it’s time for the artists to move in. This is welcome news, as the extra culture will help our society develop. And more importantly, there is a lot of prestige to be had in controlling more wonders of the world than the other empires. may the Louvre be the first of many jewels in the Eruch Empire. Currently myself and Luther Griggs are vying for the most wonders, with, err, one apiece.

The Lourve

The Louvre

Some more details: our aim is to become head of the League of Empires. This is done by outdoing the competition in three of five areas: largest collection of land and airships, the most wonders, the city with the highest production, the most social policies and the largest income. Sadly, I’m not heading up any of the categories.

Grade B- could do better

Grade B- could do better

The army size, I’m not too concerned about. If war can be avoided then a high production city will be able to manufacture units at a fair clip. I’m more concerned about the social policies and wealth. my opponents gain small yet significant bonuses and I’ll have to work hard to keep up, let alone overtake them.

Still, scientific progress goes well. We have uncovered Economic Imperialism, and will now set to work on Vertical Integration. These two technologies together should help establish a stable economy which is currently the number one aim. Sadly, not only are we failing to distinguish ourselves as the richest Empire on the planet, but we’re actively losing money. Well, we were until a golden age was triggered by the building of the Louvre, but this is only a temporary fix. We drastically need an improved economic infrastructure so our citizens can concentrate on industry and high culture.

The foreign office rings and brings worrying news: Luther Griggs is claiming that Octavious Cutler is conspiring against me. Do I trust Griggs? I suspect he is just trying to goad me into building up an army, and allow him to take the lead in erecting might wonders of the world. I must be cautious. At least I have some friends in the world: Clinton Alderdice offers a declaration of friendship which I happily accept. Although I must be careful of this devious man as he’s also competing against me, and has recently built the Eiffel Tower. Another wonder that the Eruch Empire will not be able to construct. At least Difference Engines have been built in my three metropolion areas, brining a much needed production increase.

More bad news from the foreign office. Terrible news! And it’s not Octavious Cutler. It’s Ignace Curnow! He’s declared war!

Time to pause proceedings and wait until I have something stronger to drink. This will be a dark hour in our history. Especially dark as I have neglected to build any military units so far.


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