Annihilating Planets: beta v.57449

So, I kickstarted this game way back when, and I now have beta access. I don’t usually bother with betas (prefer saving my times for not only released games, but released games that have had time to receive any essential patches.

But, Planetary Annihilation has planets! Similar to the strategy I’m slowly (so slowly that perhaps stationary is a better word) developing as a hobby. Also, I loved Total Annihilation back in the day, so, I thought I’d give it a shot. The game set up is me v AI on a 2 planet system. I’m not entirely sure if the beta includes any other options, so I’ll role with it.

Initial impressions are, sadly, not great. After taking a surprisingly long time to generate the game I am presented with this:

So, not the best graphics I've ever seen.

So, not the best graphics I’ve ever seen.

Well, I guess this is why I think Early Access and public betas are a waste of my time. Other people might find the chance to help polish games rewarding, but when there are so many great games already out (not to mention, books, films etc) playing an unfinished and buggy and unbalanced game just doesn’t seem like a good idea.

That said, I’ll maybe try again when there’s a new patch.


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