3MA/Idle Thumbs Forum: Crusader Kings II Succession Game – part VIII (Riadsala)

Duchess Elisa of Provence 1107AD

9th August

My, where does the time go? Most of the summer has been spent worrying about the situation in Scilly. But now, the all mighty has blessed us and the men have returned home. May the new pope smile on my people as the old pope did.

new pope

Pope Hilarious

20th September

With the muslims warring down in Sicily, my marshal Aton de Briancon recommends we implement a standing retinue in case the heathen desert sail north to our coasts.

16th October

It is time to continue old Acfred’s work, and continue consolidating the Bosniod’s rightful lands. I send my servant Leon Robertszoon north to investigate the legalities of annexing the County of Genéve.

17th November

May they remember me.

May they remember me.

Duchess Elisa of Provence 1108AD

7th January

The year starts with the news that my trusty spymaster, old Jaufret’s grandson, Blasi, is headed for Barcelona. This presents with me a tricky choice with whom to replace him with. Doumenge is young and crafty, but I worry about his greedy tendencies. And he is one of a pair, and I do not trust his twin. On the other hand, Arnaut is an old man. After careful consideration I decide  that Arnaut, the Mayor of Apt would get the post. While he may not have Doumenge’s youthful vigour, I trust him more.

5th February

A lady can hardly refuse the Kaiser

A lady can hardly refuse the Kaiser

While I am sad to see young Jaufret go, Bishop Heinrich’s wisdom is famed far and wide and who better to teach the boy the wonders of Christ?

12th June

I decide  that as Jaufret is growing up, it is time to arrange a marriage for him. I find a good match for him in North Burgundy, Countess Sybille of Aargau. She is only a year younger than him and hopefully the union will bring him happiness, as well as consolidate the family holdings.

12th November

Arnaut did not last long in his post. I suppose Doumenge deservers the spy-master role after all. I hope i can trust him.


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