3MA/Idle Thumbs Forum: Crusader Kings II Succession Game – part IX (Riadsala)

Duchess Elisa of Provence 1107AD

12th June 1109

All is quite in Provence. I decide it is time I find myself a hobby.

A new investment.

A new investment.

News spreads quickly and within the month a band of hedge knights arrive and visit the inn, before I even get a chance to open. I prepare a lavish feast in their honour. I decide to name the house after one of those men: the Drunken Squire. The poor man entered a jousting tournament while drunk and injured himself.

Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

11th August

It is time to open the Drunken Squire to public. Salted turnips for all! A eunuch was booked to entertain the masses with his song, however this proved to be a mistake: they clearly have no taste for high culture.

27th September

The little Bosonoid will stay at home I think, where I can keep an eye on him and look after him.

The little Bosonid will stay at home I think, where I can keep an eye on him and look after him.

22nd October

While this venture with the inn has been profitably, both in terms of experience and gold, I decide it is a vain distraction from higher callings.

What shall I turn my attention to next?

What shall I turn my attention to next?

1st January 1110

As another year begins, it seems wise to consider the future. Little Jaufret is quickly growing up: he is now in his 9th year. It seems time to name him as my lawful heir. While Baron Jaufret of Nyons is a shy ten years old, he is the son of Bertrand II, who was the son of Jaufret I of Provence, the brother of Bretrand, my grand-father. That line of the family has already had it’s chance with our ancestral lands.

10th February

A carpenters guild has formed in Savoy. I offer to support them in return for a discount on building a new castle in the north of my realm.

23rd August

Bad news. Count Guigues of Vienne has manged to gain sway over the Prince-Bishop and Count Doumenge and is now in line to inherit the Duchy. I pray that I may outlive him  so Jaufret can reclaim his place as the rightful heir. He is 60 and so there is surely no need for action

5th October

I  blame

I blame Count Guigues

24th October

Another year, another pope.

Another year, another pope.

5th March 1111

It is time to set things right. Clearly Guigues can not be allowed to inherit. But the nobles won’t support Jaufret. I seek a compromise: Doumenge is given the position as Master of the Hunt in return for supporting Baron Jaufret of Nyons. Not the Jaufret I wish to see,  but a Bosonid all the less.

3rd September

It is time to do something about Geneve: the country clearly belongs under Bosonid rule. First though, we will need money. After investing so much in the castles, the treasury is low. A short term tax increase will sort out that problem.

10th December

A sad day. My trusty Albert has vanished. my sources tell me that he has inherited the Bishopric of Olomouc back in Bohemia. Why left, without saying farewell to myself or the children, I do not know. But if he has the work of God to carry out, I can not stand in his way.

10th April 1112

I decide to finally heed the advice of my council and remarry. I chose the old Prince Æfwine from England. I will gain the prestige associated with such union, without having to carry out the expected duties. The Prince is chaste, and futhermore, in extreme old age having passed 75 summers. By all accounts, he’s also craven and so is unlikely to pose a threat to my dead children. How I miss Albert.

11th April

I find myself increasingly busy with the wedding preparations. It is time to given little Jaufret a barony to govern. He is now 10 and the experience will do him good. of course, he now insists that I can not call him “Little Jaufret” and instead refer to him as “Baron Jaufret of Susa.” But he will always be little Jaufret to me.



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