3MA/Idle Thumbs Forum: Crusader Kings II Succession Game – part X (Riadsala)

Duchess Elisa of Provence 1112AD

1st May

My plans for Geneve are poorly thought out: in his wisdom Kaiser Gunzelin the Good has ruled that vassals may not wage war against each other. So be it. Truth be told, the notion left a bitter taste. I have a much better idea now, I do not know why I did not think of it earlier: Count Andreas has only a daughter, the charming Osterhild de Geneve. It seems like a match should be made with Gilbert, my second son.

16th May

May the lord watch over them

May the lord watch over them

26th June

Ælfwine has died. The old man didn’t last the year. I like to think he enjoyed our arrangement. There will soon be nobody left to remember the man, the last surviving descendant of King Knud the Great, King of England, Norge and Danmark. How the mighty fall.

18th August

Why can the men not be content in their station? I have just heard that the Prince-Bishop Isarad of Nice has been murdered on the instructions of my very own spymaster, Count Doumenge. Why? I do not see what Doumenge has to gain from this? The new bishop, Simon, strikes me as a proud and envious man, perhaps he had a hand in this? What hold does he have over my spymaster? Can I trust Doumenge? Perhaps the dungeon is the best place for him? I do not know what to do. I wish Albert was still here.

7th December

My son Gilbert is doing well. I still worry about Doumenge.

25th March 1113

I wish Garcenda was more like her brother. I pray for her soul.

15th October

A brave face. I am very concerned.

A brave face. I am very concerned.

I will have to act. I have no proof, but I suspect Doumenge is up to his tricks again. I have given him a chance to repent, and now he must face the consequences of his actions. I order the guards to imprison him. Sadly the make a mess of the job and Provence is now in civil war.

Revolt against Duchess Elisa the Wise

Revolt against Duchess Elisa the Wise

21st October

I am informed that Doumenge can only field a twelve hundred men. I will soon make an example of him.

7th December

Aton, my marshal, informs me the war goes well. We have triumphed in the first battle and have captured Duomenge’s brother, Gui d’ Orange. While he he’s transported back to Arles, my armies lay siege to Orange.

8th November 1114

The war continues to drag out: Doumenge has spent nearly a whole year hiding in his castle. At least I have support of the Emperor.

Well, how could a lady say no?

Well, how could a lady say no?

22nd March 1114

This dreadful little war is finally over. Doumenge is stripped of his titles and left to rot in the dungeon. Should I be merciful?

11th February 1116

It is happened again: my marriage has been annulled and my husband has joined the church. My advisors are all ready trying to arrange a 4th husband. A farce. Without a husband, the day to day work of managing my estates is too much. I decide to grant the Barony of Grimaud to Leon Robertszoon. One less thing for me to worry about.

1st May

Dear little Gilbert has developed a zealous streak. As my second son, it is perhaps fortuitous that he finds such a calling. I am starting to worry about Jaufret though. The boy eats too much and is far too proud.

24th August

They'd better not use it.

They had better not use it. Or else

1st September

The bastard used the claim.

14th February 1117

A new husband

A new husband

Prince Amadeus appears to be a good match: he shares my faith that heaven is all that we need and a celibate mortal life is as god intended.

21st June

Summer is well and truly upon us now. Gilbert is growing up to be a sweet and kind young man. Prince Amadeus appears quite taken with him. If only life stopped at my borders, everything would be as God intends. However, to the south, I hear worrying news regarding the followers of Islam



I decided to appoint dear Blasi as spymaster: times like this I need somebody I can trust.

11th April 1118

My steward has made a wonderful suggestion as to how we can calm the Muslim menace: we will befriend with with trade! It will take some time and money, but I’m assured that it will ease tensions.

21st April

The ship sets sail!

8th June

We arrive in the realm of Sultan Muslihiddin and present him with some of our finest silks and cloth as a gift.

15th June

This is awkward. The sultan takes offense at Ubald’s uncultured ways.  I reassure the sultan that Ubald is only a street urchin, which seems to calm him. Later I see Ubald glare at me.

10th April 1119

the trade expedition continues to go well. The clergymen who have traveled with us put on a miracle play to teach the sultan’s court some of our history.

1st November

I have been away from my lands too long. The peasants in Nice are revolting! It should be easy enough to put down, but I worry about unrest.

20th April

I feel ill…







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