Perontor Update

Ok, so I’ve haven’t posted any updates for a while, but I have been working on this πŸ™‚ Things are coming together nicely, and I’ve written up notes for v1.0 of the game: the plan is to make a more “boardgame” style game, in order to get systems in place. So v1.0 will be pretty simple, but hopefully still interesting.

In the screenshot below, you can see we now have (ugly) movement arrows (the green arch from the sword chit to an empty tile). And there’s always a new way for showing water. I think this way is a little more in fitting with the rest of the terrain, and it’s more flexible… as it will allow for underwater cities and stuff, if I want to add that to the game. I can also use a similar system to fog of war.

It’s starting to get a little busy.


Log Space

Just playing around with using logs to compress space within Unity3d in order to represent the solar system. The next step is to set things in motion, and then calculate all the log-km’s with respect to the players current viewpoint.

The sun, and planets out to Saturn, to log scale.

Not quite sure the best way to represent the size of the planets though. I think I’m doing something sensible, but not sure.

Perontor – Golden Activation Hoop

the hoop bobs up and down! Not that you can see the bobbing in the picture.

Ok, so I’ve been suffering from my usual problem: I lose interest when some big dull chunk of coding comes along, and I start a new project. (in this case, I’ve been writing an AI to play the card game Dominion). But, thanks to Harlander (from the RPS forums), my enthusiasm has increased a little, and i’ll try and finish the save/load order turn thing soon. In the meantime, here’s the new improvedactivation hoop that he’s coded up for me. Each turn, one of your command units is activated, allowing you to move units inside the hoop.

This all seems to work fine.

So next up: finally write some code which saves the position of all units on the globe. And then mix with code which saves planned orders. Then then allow the game to load it up. And then start playing via dropbox while adding in interesting stuff.

When I put it like that, it’s really not tooooo much work before a simple playable version exists.

Developing Perontor 12: Back in the Saddle

After some time off, I finally managed to summon the enthusiasm to find and fix some bugs. So, PROGRESS πŸ˜€

lens flare!

  • New commanders/generals are now added into the turn-structure properly
  • The Character Activation panel (top right) now works properly
  • Also, I’ve decided on a “we go” system, so I know now what I should work on next: I need to draw some nice arrows to represent planned moves.

Developing Perontor 11: First attempt at Forests


Numerous changes and improvements. Some visible, some not.

  • Shrines are now placed at the “pentagonal poles.” These might stay as shrines of various types, orΒ  I might swap them for something else.
  • First attempt at placing trees
  • Fixed the Tile.Azimuth function so the automatic camera centring works.
  • Tiles now know about their neighbouring tiles
  • Tiles are now highlighted when you click on them
  • Continuing to optimise the code.