MoO1 – The Tale of the Pikka Birds (3)

Let fly the birds of war.

My eastern border

Initial targets: the paradise world of Firma, and the ocean world of Dunatis. Both planets can support large colonise, so I want to invade before the robotic population grows to large. The blue and purple ships you can see on the map: ignore them. They belong to some unimportant alien race that I haven’t met yet.

The orders are made: 20 million citizens from Pollus are recruited into the Alkarian army and sent to claim Dunatis for Pikka’s Empire.

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MoO1 – The Tale of the Pikka Birds (2)

Pikka’s birds are off to a flying start!

Pikka’s fledging empire is slowly growing: we have our homeworld, the sacred Lamuella, and three new colonies. And as our scouts send back reports of frozen fabulously rich in minerals, our scientists set to work on developing the technology necessary to fly there, and settle.

The Empire.

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Upcoming AAR: Master of Orion

Unfortunately, my CivIV:FfH2 game has come to a halt. Upgrading to a new computer appears to have broken the game. I still have the save file though, so I’m hoping to return one day and try and dig myself out of the hole I’ve ended up in. But for the time being, the game is on hold.

The upside of having a new computer though, is that I can play some newer games. So I played around with Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion (fun game, will play more of, but the titans really skew the game balance and there doesn’t appear to be as much depth as in the previous iteration) and Empire: Total War (I bought Emp and Nap together really cheap in a sale a while back; the game appears to be ok, but a bit bloated; am toying around with the idea of doing an AAR on it, but I think I’d need to learn the game a lot more first).

It took 22 hours just to play through the Road to Independence campaign in Emp:TW, so I need a break from that. And I think I’ll wait until another balance/AI patch before trying Sins:Reb again. In the meantime, I decided to impulse buy Master of Orion 1 + 2 from gog. As (a) at $2.46 it’s hard not too and (b) they seem to be very highly regarded so it’s about time that I played them. If nothing else, it will be interesting to see how they measure up to newer games like Galactic Civilizations 2 (not really a fan, just *feels* a bit bland to me… doesn’t really give an epic space feel!) and Sword to the Stars (still haven’t checked out the sequel, but I thought the first game in the series did a load of interesting things… hopefully will get another multiplayer game going again one day!)

Hmm, I apologies for all the comments in brackets (I’m not sure why I’m doing this all of a sudden). It must make things hard to read.

Annnnnnyway. So, my play is to skim-read the MoO1 manual, and then play a quick warm up game using the recommended set-up (simple AI, medium map, 3 opponents and play as the Klackons, whatever they are), and then start a “proper” game for an AAR.

So, stay tuned.