Sword of the Stars – Episode 4

Previously: I’m broke, my home planet is suffering from a widespread rebellion, I am technologically backwards, and Tikey’s Hivers have found my Empire. So far, he’s just gently fingering me, but it can’t be long until that turns into a massive fist. I’d better start building up a proper Tarkan SpaceNavy.

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Sword of the Stars – Episode 3

Welcome back. I’m getting the impression that the initial expansion phase of the game is over and done with. This is of course assuming that the game has an initial expansion phase (as in GalCiv2). Maybe rushing to grab as many colonies isn’t a good tactic. It certainly hasn’t done my finances any good that’s for sure:

At least the graph is heading up now!

Still I’m hopefull I’m over the worst of it, and it’ll be interesting to see things pan out now that the players are coming into contact with each other

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Sword to the Stars – Episode 1

Sword to the Stars is a game I don’t really know how to play. It’s one of these games I probably shouldn’t of bothered buying. I have enough to do with my free time, and as far as computer games go, I have more than enough to play. But the complete edition was on sale for around £5 and I quite like sci-fi stuff. So I bought it, and played it a little bit. Enough to get a feel for the game and realise what sets it apart from similar games (my brief relatively uniformed impression is that its a stripped down 4x game desigend for multiplayer). I then got a bit bored and couldn’t be bothered learning more.

A few months later,  and there’s some buzz about the upcoming Sword of the Stars 2, and I thought I should make another attempt to give the first game a proper play. And, the best way to do that surely is to plunge into the deep end in a multiplayer game. So that’s what I’ve done.

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