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Ele:FE – The Adventures of Nabeanice (Chapter 4)


in the immediate future, there can only be war.

So, I travelled back to a previous save, killed the air shrills again, and then before i could get to Magnar, this random event kicked in. Oddly, this event appears to have no impact on the AIs’ thought process as in the very next turn:


I thought Blood Season was making everybody angry?

I decide that I should probably take Magnar up on his generous offer. While I was aiming to enslave all his settlements, I haven noticed something: somewhere in-between  the air shrills, the bug, the reloading, the air shrills again, and repeatedly killing Lord Magnar, it looks like Yithril have increased their strength. A lot 😦

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The winds of fate blow fair for Blackstead and, as the town is far away from dangerous borders (and boats don’t exist in this game as far as  I can tell) the inhabitants devote themselves to a life af academic study.


This is one of the game features that I quite like

This seem to be going pretty well. The scoreboard on the  left suggests that I’m in second place, and only narrowly behind Yithril. And my new friends, the Tarth have offered up a trade treaty. Hopefully this will lead to an economic boom and I can expand outwards as quickly as possible.

Except that Magnar have gone and declared war on me. And attacked some of my pet spiders.


Magnar destroys one of my spiders. The bastard.

Well, I guess this means war! I quickly mobilize Nabeanice and friends for a counter attack. Which goes well! Magnar is dead!


Magnar is not dead

So much for that.

This sequence of events continues for a while: I move into Magnar’s territory and get ready to strike on a city. The invincible Magnar somehow sneaks behind my army and harasses any en route reinforcements or threatens to take out my outposts. Which should be guarded, but I’m low on troops. Actually, the whole game is a little low on troops, which is maybe why the tactical combat part of the game still feels pretty pointless. This is something the Total War series does a lot lot better.

Anyway, back to the war with Magnar. Except, there are loads and loads of air shrills getting in the way. As in, several armies full of air shrills. And as far as I can tell, they don’t belong to Magnar. Although, they don’t appear to be attacking him either. I know that if that many air shrills showed up on my doorstep, I’d be out of the game by now.

So, time to kill some air shrills.


I can take them, no both. Then I will crush Magnar.


And there’s a second army of the critters. This one is lead by an air elemental

After I fight off the 3rd and final army of air shrills, I find that my army has made it into Curgen’s Hold, Magnar’s capital city.


Victory is surely mine?

Except  that I haven’t captured Curgen’s Hold. In fact, it’s still heavily defended. And my army is somewhat damaged after fighting off the air elemental and shrills. And, my army can’t move.

A bug.

It appears that my only option is to attack the city. Which was my original plan, but it now a suicidal idea, as my army needs to recover and reinforce after fighting off several waves of those beasties.

Let’s try again: nope, still can’t move.

New turn

New turn

New turn.

Still can’t move.

Bugger. When was my last backup save?


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